Seaside Social

Bring the notion of beach life to your own space with a palette of bleached natural tones and textures pepped up with characterful pieces from far-flung shores.

Left: Take inspiration from the kaleidoscope of magnificent muted colours you find at the shoreline with a table dressed in a harmonious mix of plates and vessels inspired by nature. Floor cushions in sisal keep it casual while succulents and plants gathered from the windswept dunes add pops of visual interest.

Right: In any decorative scheme, it’s the objects that catch the eye that give it character. Every piece of African basketry comes with an emotive provenance, its value lying not only in the vibrant colours and patterns but also the artistic expression and hand of its maker.

Left: Want to easily evoke a feeling of beach shack chic? You need an understated statement chair, one that begs to be plopped down in to. Stop things from becoming too rustic by bringing in on-trend brass or copper elements like this pared down table — a perfect partner for a whimsical collection of found and decorative items. Here, the combination of unvarnished cane, weathered wooden cladding, cement floors and woven textiles is absolutely arresting and delightful in its lack of pretence.

Right: Beach life – it’s all about following the path of the sun, enjoying the soundtrack of the waves and celebrating that carefree summer feeling. What better way to fulfil that sun-dusted holiday mood than by devoting a quiet corner to chill-out time? How? Soft, tactile textures, a muted monochromatic palette, layers of throws and blankets for when the heat of the day passes or eyes grow droopy and plenty of scatter cushions in corresponding colours of course!

Text: Justine Hewitt
Photographs: Warren Heath