Shoulder Season

This has to be the ‘prettiest’ time of year, doesn’t it? Not just with the plethora of print, colour and floral accents in clothing, shoes, bags and even belts this season, but also in nature. The grass at its greenest, the blossom trees in bloom, gardens enjoying the warmth of the sun after dismal, dreary winter months. It can also be the hardest season to dress for. It’s not yet warm enough for summer clothes, not quite cold enough for winter layers. Plus, there’s all those old-fashioned rules such as ‘no opaque tights after Labour day’ to contend with.


Let’s start with the ‘rules’ shall we? For one, I personally think they’re a load of old tosh. I still have women coming to see me trotting out old gems like ‘blue and green should never be seen’ and ‘you can’t wear navy with black’. It’s all very trite, and certainly takes no account of anything that’s related to fashion or style. We often have some bitterly cold days after Labour Day and just because the date is on our calendar it means nothing, Mother Nature works to her own timetable!  Being stylish doesn’t mean conforming to a set of silly rules, being stylish is about knowing what works for you and making it your own.


I’ve written columns for Verve before about what will see you through the ‘shoulder seasons’ and the list includes the usual life-savers (like sheer tan tights, light coloured boots, denim or leather jackets) but this time I wanted to give you something new to think about: this year my spring life-saver has been the SHIRT! I can recall a few years ago that you couldn’t buy a stylish, smart-casual shirt for love nor money, but in the past two or three years they have absolutely exploded onto the fashion scene. And you know what? The fact that your arms are covered but they are lightweight makes them the perfect garment for this time of year. Whether you choose a relaxed, casual silk version, a wrap version, an oversized sleeve one, or a classic white linen piece, there is a shirt for every one of us this season. They work brilliantly with jeans, relaxed chinos, your drop-crotch pants or even atop a skirt – find yourself a shirt and do spring effortlessly!


Jackie O’Fee is the owner of leading personal styling consultancy, Signature Style. She’d love to help you have your most stylish spring/summer ever! She’ll even help you find YOUR perfect shirt.