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Signature Style | Contrasts

Much like the weather we’ve been experiencing, today in my studio was a study in contrasts.


My first appointment was a senior corporate gal who enjoys looking good but hates shopping so much she wants me to do it for her and take the garments I’ve chosen to her to try on. She was also very keen for simplicity in her very busy working life and wanted to take any hassle out of choosing what to wear for her work each day. I’ll be curating a capsule wardrobe that will mix and match easily to give her myriad options. That’s easy — I know the brief and I can help. The hardest part was co-ordinating diary time to make it happen.


My next client had been sent to me by their boss who was hoping to inspire them to ‘step up’ in their dress so they could visit clients.  He felt the way they dressed currently hindered that.  It was the boss that called me and essentially, he’s the client (although she’s the gal that will need to make the changes). I told him that I’ve dealt with this a few times over the years and was confident that I could make the process comfortable and even enjoyable.


Today we met to have a coffee and possibly one of the trickiest conversations I’ve ever had. She was hugely defensive and obviously offended by what her boss was trying to do. She couldn’t see why he couldn’t “just take me as I am” but her boss is legally entitled to ask her to present herself to a certain standard.


I reassured her that the outcome I would be working towards was a working wardrobe she would feel comfortable in and he would be happy with. I told her I wouldn’t want her to wear anything that she hated, nor would I want to see her feeling that she couldn’t be herself. She began to relax a little at this point, but I know that it will take a few hours together before I can truly see her enjoy the process. Which she will — I won’t give up that easily!


Want a hand to create a look that reflects who you are however you feel about it? I’d absolutely love to help! Just pick up the phone or drop me an email — lets’ do a coffee!


Jackie O’Fee is owner of Signature Style. Further information can be found on her website or give her a call on 09 529 5115.