If technology is supposedly helping to make our lives more efficient, how is it that we seem to simply be getting busier? Even though we can answer emails, catch up with friends, make bookings or find directions on our smartphones, the greatest dilemma we face today feels like a lack of time.


I love being able to take some of the pressure off my clients’ already overloaded schedules. Recently, I worked with a gal who had used my services before—but more than two years ago. When I went to take a look in her wardrobe I was surprised to see she had bought nothing new in that intervening time. She explained, “It all works together, I have so many options and I just have worn everything —I didn’t need anything else.” She also told me what so many of my clients tell me, “I hate clothes shopping and I have so little spare time I really just don’t want to do it.” We made a plan to replace worn out items and give her wardrobe an update and refresh.


Fast forward to the end of our shopping trip. We took a total of five hours to buy several pairs of shoes, two great pairs of jeans, several new tops, skirts and pants for both her weekend casual life and her working life, jackets for the office and a couple of casual jackets, plus two dresses and even a new handbag. As we hugged our goodbye, she said “I just love how we can get EVERYTHING done in such a short time—this would have taken me all year!”


When I shop with a client I’m not simply choosing items because they are cool or on-trend, but rather because they work for them in all aspects: their colouring, their shape and their lifestyle. I also put outfits together as we go, meaning that at the end of a shopping trip your wardrobe is full of different options rather than single outfits.  For the client mentioned above, I also went back to her home to put together and photograph all of those options. She was delighted with the time she would save each day as she knew exactly what would go together and the choices she now had.


Would you like to save yourself some time in your wardrobe? Why not get in touch? I can shop WITH you or FOR you, making life easy. Further detail can be found at signaturestyle.co.nz  Give me a call on 529 5115, or send an email to crew@signaturestyle.co.nz—I’d LOVE to help!