Sip Your Way to Glowing Skin

It’s that time of the year — we’re all kind of getting back into the swing of work, but we are also kind of still on holiday. And with the holidays, come socialising, and with socialising, usually comes drinking. And drinking wreaks havoc on your skin and overall wellness. As much as it may loosen you up, the after-effects of a few vinos also leaves much to be desired.


So what’s the solution? The latest wellness craze to come out of New York City (the ultimate home of wellness trends), which I’m very partial to myself, is the rise of kombucha cocktails. And these little bad boys are completely sans alcohol, but still have the ability to leave you feeling open and relaxed and in the mood to mingle.


Not only that, but kombucha is one of my absolute go-tos for healthy, radiant and glowing skin. It works by aiding your liver in its detox processes, to help rid your body of excess hormones and toxins. Kombucha also populates your gut with a ton of ‘good-guy’ bacteria — and the key to healthy skin is a healthy gut. So often, to combat ageing and look better, we place a huge importance on what we put on to our skin topically, and, especially this time of year, can forget that what we are feeding our skin with from the inside has such a huge impact on our outer glow.



Kombucha is an easy to find product these days, you’ll find it in health shops, cafes, supermarkets — some super on-trend bars even offer it on tap! It’s also super easy to make yourself, which I find leaves me feeling quite accomplished and like I’m doing something very good for myself.


For a healthy and skin-loving tipple, try mixing your kombucha with a big splash of soda water, add some fresh berries and cucumber and a stick of cinnamon, or ginger and fresh lime! Sip away to your hearts content and then enjoy not only waking up fresh the morning after, but also the healthy (non-alcohol induced) glow your skin is guaranteed to get!


Words: Romy Burgess

Instagram: @romyburgess_yogifacialist
Facebook: facebook.com/romyburgessyogifacialist