Skin Whisperer, Liga Berzina | Pure Skin Clinic

The calling card at Pure Skin Clinic in Parnell is radiant, beautiful skin. When it comes to gaining a healthy complexion a holistic approach and education are key, and it’s something corneotherapist Liga Berzina has made her signature. She delivers a bespoke personal advisory and treatment service in her chic New York loft style clinic using evidence-backed equipment and treatments.

Finding Her Calling

Born in Latvia, Liga has called New Zealand home for 10 years. She switched careers in New Zealand gaining international beauty therapy qualifications and going on to achieve recognition in the industry. Liga found her true calling helping people achieve their skin goals, empowering them with knowledge and achieving sustainable skin results.



After working with leading skincare clinics in Auckland, Liga went to Europe to study micropigmentation. “My main passion was always skin but this was something I could do for people that’s next level,” she says.


Liga’s Beauty Studio

Inspired to help people who were undergoing cancer treatment Liga opened her first clinic in Remuera where she practised cosmetic tattooing treatments. “My clients kept asking why I didn’t work with skin anymore. Honestly? It was because I hadn’t seen sustainable results in my own skin and if I can’t do something I’m 100 percent sure will give results I won’t do it. But I knew there had to be a way. I’ve always been interested in science, which led me – purely accidentally – to corneotherapy, and a corneotherapeutic skincare brand called Dermaviduals. This was a game-changer!”

Beauty Therapy & Corneotherapy

“As a beauty therapist, my focus was getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover with peeling, scrubbing, blading and burning skin. Corneotherapy is the opposite. Corneocytes (outer skin cells) aren’t ‘dead’ but are serving an important role in the health of the skin so we look after them. It’s called outside-in therapy. Think of a house with a roof in need of repair – we take care of the roof first because if it’s not right nothing can work inside.”


The Results

Liga’s thrilled with the results she’s able to achieve with anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne, scarring, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. “I wasn’t able to help conditions like that satisfactorily before. It’s also opened the door wider to my work with oncology aesthetics as I can work with people who are going through treatment. Corneotherapy looks after skin as a living organ. You get one skin per lifetime – wear it well! There are no second chances.”


“The main difference with Dermaviduals is that it’s designed to support skin structure and function. It’s skin bioidentical and free of emulsifiers, fragrances, mineral oils, preservatives, colours, and silicones. The products are pure, active and customised to your skin needs.”


The Three R’s: Repair, Replenish, Regenerate

Using the three R’s as a foundation, Liga provides facials and advanced regeneration treatments like collagen induction therapy, which enable her to work concerns that could be out of reach for some therapists. She uses an individual approach for every skin to ensure sustainable, beautiful results.


You get one skin per lifetime – wear it well! There are no second chances.

Education Is Power

Liga is a firm believer in continual learning and enjoys the science of corneotherapy as it fits perfectly with her love of educating people. There are very few corneotherapists in New Zealand at present. Liga raises the bar by travelling the world annually gathering the latest skin information and research. “If I can educate you about your skin it’s knowledge you can use for the rest of your life,” she says.

Pure Skin Clinic | Axis Building: Studio 3.3, 1 Cleveland Rd, Parnell
022 0788 710 / 09 377 0996


Meet MAX+

Created in Montreal by Jennifer Brodeur (aka the Skin Guru, facialist of Oprah and Michelle Obama), MAX+ is a non-invasive photo dermatology device based on LED (light emitting diodes). MAX+ works with the skin on the premise that just like plants, our tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it to energy. MAX+ emits UV-free, non-ablative light rays without heat that communicate with skin cells and stimulate our body’s natural ability to regenerate.

“MAX+ has seven different wavelengths and each one offers different benefits such as stimulating collagen and elastin production, reducing inflammation or destroying acne bacteria. It’s been my dream to bring MAX+ to Auckland as he acts like a gym for the skin and allows me to work deeper with cells and their functions. I can target cells using his light to change a cell’s behaviour or boost cellular processes. He’s super powerful and can take skin to the next level with acne treatments, healing, muscle tightening, skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and a red carpet glow. I’m very proud to have him,” says Liga.

Single treatment $90 | Add on to a facial $55
MAX+ 5 session pass $299 | MAX+ 10 session pass $559
Liga invites you to the official launch of Auckland’s only MAX+ LED. Friday 9 August, 4-6pm.