Smart Thinking: Jumping For Fitness & Fun, There’s An App For That

Innovative Kiwi brand, Springfree Trampoline, built a global reputation designing the world’s safest trampolines. Now they’re taking things to a whole new level by producing not only the safest, but the smartest, trampolines in the world.


In a world-first development, Springfree have incorporated technology to make trampolines smart, in a determined effort to get kids off the couch, outside and active.


“The goal is to shift kids’ behavior from indoor sedentary time to outdoor active play,” says Springfree’s Grace Zampach.


NASA researchers found that 10-minutes of jumping equates to a 30-minute run.


Sensors in the trampoline mat send jump activity data to software designed to encourage families to be more active.


“Your body movement controls games and apps,” says Ms Zampach. “Mat sensors detect the jumper’s location, the height of their jump, and even how many calories they’re burning.” That information then interacts with software designed to get kids being more active.


Using their own devices, jumpers can participate in worldwide competitions and compare their high scores with friends, family, and participants all over the world.

Springfree have created apps and games, from educational apps for kids, to fitness apps for adults. There are also goal-setting and activity-tracking features. A fitness training app was developed with the coach of the New Zealand Olympic Trampoline Team specifically to encourage adults to utilise the backyard trampoline as a serious fitness tool.


Who knew Dr Keith Alexander of Canterbury University would change the world of trampolines when his wife didn’t want him buy one for their children, as ‘they were too unsafe’? Always up for a challenge, Professor Alexander thought he might be able to do something about that.


Decades later, Dr Alexander’s design has won numerous awards all over the world. His Springfree design eliminates the impact areas responsible for 90% of trampoline injuries. Rigorously tested and respected globally as the best trampoline money can buy, Springfree Trampolines are a well-loved Kiwi success story.


And serious fitness it is. According to NASA, 10-minutes on the trampoline delivers the same aerobic benefit as a 30-minute run.


“For fitness to stick it needs to be fun. If we can leverage technology to provide an engaging physical activity that makes people want to be outside and active, then there are huge wellness benefits to be gained.”


This Kiwi innovation is already a global hit, with jumpers world-wide having already jumped more than 10 million times, burning over 700,000 calories, using Springfree’s smart technology.


So if you’re on a mission to encourage your family to get outside and be more active, then Springfree could be the solution for you.


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