Spark Your Child’s Curiosity | Age School

Takapuna is home to a first of its kind boutique, sustainable urban school that’s ready to revolutionise education.


Age School is for families and students who are passionate about wellbeing for people and for the planet. Our small nurturing environment and high teacher to student ratio means we get to know each student deeply and personalise learning so that it is meaningful for them.


If you walked into a dentist’s office and saw it set up how things worked 50 years ago, you would turn and walk out. Yet in education, this is how things still are. Minus a few colourful desks, most classrooms still operate the same way as when our parents went to school.


“Large schools need to cater to the needs of the many and although they can tweak programs for some students they just don’t have the flexibility to truly contextualise learning for each individual student like we are able to at Age School,” says Age School’s principal, Steve Mouldey.


Age School has been inspired by international education innovators and thought leaders who have paved the way and proven future ready education models that focus beyond the academic, to an individual’s purpose, wellbeing and agility to thrive in the future. Combining the best of New Zealand’s approach to education with the latest thinking from these international education innovators, their learning model is designed to let your child embrace who they truly are, not what traditional education thinks they should be.


To spark children’s curiosity teachers turn their interests into real-world challenges, and encourage deep thinking to allow students to build both their knowledge and their social and emotional skills. With much of their students time spent outside the school within the local community and natural environment, a passion for real-world learning is a very real part of student life.


In 2020, Age School will move into their new purpose-designed building which will allow the school to grow to around 150 students.


To organise a personal visit, please email info@age.school.nz or phone 09 218 7771