Spreading Christmas Care

Now is the time of year when we frequently hear,  “Do you realise there are only so many days left until Christmas?”  It is often closely followed by,  “and I have so much to do before then!”


No matter how organised or resilient we are, hearing this can easily ignite some anxiety as we too start to believe that everything must be accomplished by December 25th. We  create a false sense of urgency and thus run the risk of being distracted by the small stuff and missing out on what is actually important. Remember the lead up to Christmas is just as important so here are some practical tips on how to be productive, yet remain relaxed and happy during this exciting time of year.


Having a long ‘to do’ list is not always a great idea. Why, because it is always easy to become sidetracked with the unimportant tasks on your list. Instead, always focus on your final outcome or the result you want to achieve. You will always find the fastest route there when you remain focused on the target.


Alleviate any stress by asking yourself some powerful questions. Such as: why am I doing this right now? How important is it really? Who needs me right now?


Maintain your self-care and wellness routines to the best of your ability though out the holiday season.  We all love to enjoy the beautiful foods and celebrations and still look and feel our best right? Planning and discipline is key to maintaining your momentum, your energy and stop any cheeky habits creeping in.


With all the added activities, food, entertaining and gifts comes the additional spending. How tempting it would be to put our heads in the sand and face the consequences in the New Year. A sure way to avoid this is to make the decision now to always remain mindful of your finances and other commitments.


Whom do you know is unwell or lonely at this time and might benefit from some of your time and understanding? Not only will they be the receiver by your act of kindness, but you will also. And it does not cost you a thing.


Finally, remain excited about your life. As we come to the end of another year look back, reflect and remind yourself of everything that has been great about the year, and most importantly, who you have become in the process.

    Words: Tanya Unkovich