8 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and as the weather warms up, it’s time to spring clean your home and get ready for the summer months ahead. But where to start? We all know that it can be a bit daunting and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin – so we’ve put together 8 ways to help you to spring clean your life and start fresh!


#1 Make The Bed

It may seem simple, but making the bed is the best way to instantly make a room look tidier. It also helps to clear the mind and helps to motivate you to keep the rest of the room tidy. Try to do this every morning to get into the habit of starting the day organised.


#2 Clear a Counter

An easy place to start is with one countertop in your house – this could be the kitchen bench, the dining room table, or maybe even the desk in your office. Clear everything off it. Throw things away that you don’t need, or put things away that have been left out. If you don’t want to spend an entire day cleaning, aim to just clear one surface per day.


#3 The Four Box Rule

Buy four boxes or storage containers and label them ‘trash’, ‘give away’, ‘keep’ or ‘relocate’. For each room you organise, you can easily throw things into each box for a quick and easy way to declutter.


#4 The closet hanger experiment

This method was famed by Oprah and is a great way to clean out your wardrobe and sort out what you don’t need. Simply hang everything in your closet in the reverse direction. After wearing an item, return it to your closet but put the hanger facing the right way. After 3-6 months, you’ll be able to clearly see which clothes you wear most and which are just taking up space. For all those items you don’t wear, you could donate them to a local clothing bin, or take them down to recycle boutique.


#5 Get rid of the infamous ‘chair’

That chair in the corner of the room that is home to the ‘i’ll do it later” pile. Whether it’s a chair in the bedroom that piles up with clothes that haven’t been put away, or that chair in the office that ends up with stacks of paperwork – get rid of the chair and instead designate a drawer or a shelf for these items.


#6 Abide by the 2 minute rule

Much of our everyday clutter in the home and in our lives is caused by procrastinating and putting the small jobs off. Try to abide by the 2 minute rule – if a task takes 2 minutes or less to complete, do it straight away instead of leaving it until later. This could be taking the trash out,  tossing laundry from the hamper into the washing machine or answering an email or txt. This stops tasks from building up and becoming overwhelming later.

#7 Create a 30 day list

If you’re an impulsive buyer or your house has become full of all those things you absolutely ‘needed’ at the time but actually never use, then creating a 30 day list can be helpful. Everytime you feel the ‘need’ to make a purchase, add it to the list with the date next to it. If 30 days later, the item is still on the list and is still a ‘need’ then allow yourself to buy it. But you’ll often find that many of those impulse buys won’t seem as important 30 days later. This will save you money and the extra clutter.


#8 If you ‘might’ need it later, you probably won’t.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder and hesitant to throw things away because of the mentality that you ‘might’ need it at a later time, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last 12 months. If you haven’t, it’s time to get rid of it.