Stand Up Paddleboarding- Have a go this summer

Summer, sand and surf are all images that come to mind as soon as spring starts to arrive. With the beach as our backyard, who can resist a new way to enjoy the outdoors with one of the fastest growing sports on the planet: Stand Up Paddling or SUP as it is commonly known. This new sport is actually quite an old sport which holds its roots with the original Hawaiian beach boys and kings of surfing. Move over lads, as SUP is not just for the boys! One does not have to be ‘hardcore’ to enjoy the world of SUP, as it can offer a great escape from the mundane. This might just be another way to chill-out and paddle our coast to explore sealife, attempt yoga poses at sunrise on a calm day or a social morning paddle with friends and family. If a workout is what you have in mind this is also a benefit, as the sport offers an exceptional core and total body fitness regime.

Not only is SUP so diverse and enjoyable on so many levels, it is also its simplicity that makes it so attractive. There is minimal equipment required — board and paddle — and transport options for all types of boards to take the stress out of getting into the water. Fairweather paddlers fear not, as specialised clothing can also keep those of us prone to the cold, warmer and drier so we can enjoy the water longer. Still feeling a bit uneasy? Perhaps consider a lesson. A day with the a pro can build confidence but also, remember it is a known fact that women can find their balance more quickly than men. With improved balance, technique will come with practice. It is a sport most get the hang of very quickly and it is a truly fabulous way to get away from the hectic pace of our daily lives.SUP

For those who are interested in experiencing what SUP is all about, SUPcentre Newmarket, will be holding ‘Have A Go’ sessions during November, December and January. Check our website for more details www.supcentre.co.nz or call us on 09 520 3366.


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