Starting a business from scratch

Have you ever had an idea for a business and you sat on it for years, thinking…one day… I will make it happen. You really want to do it, but perhaps the timing isn’t right, you don’t know where to start or maybe you are not sure it will work?

Many people let ‘bad timing’, or fear of failure hold them back from starting a business. Making a commitment and getting a plan started is the first step. Then you can take your concept from an idea to reality. If you have a passion for something and want to turn it into a business then grab a pen, a piece of paper and write it down and plan a way to make it happen.


Most people wait around for the “perfect time”. Say, a few years from now when the kids have finished school, or maybe when you’ve saved enough money, or just waiting for the “perfect time”. There never will be a “perfect time”. The time is now.


Sense of overwhelm is also common when starting out, you might wonder how on earth you can pull together all the resources you need to start and run a business. Here’s something to note, Resourcefulness shows up after you commit. Once you commit yourself to a goal, especially a big goal – like starting a business, you will become more resourceful. The key is to commit and get started.


Helping kiwis turn their dreams into reality and start a businesses from scratch was the driving passion behind us starting JLK Lifestyle in 2017.  We’ve just completed our first JLK Business program – it included a 7- day tour to Shanghai & in to mainland China. An intense, exciting and full-on 8 days, this was the inaugral JLK product & sourcing tour. On this trip 4 women started with an idea, which they have each turned into a business. They took the plunge, made the commitment and got started.


From an idea to reality, the comprehensive JLK Program over six weeks includes mentoring, “the A-Z” of how to get started; writing a business plan, market validation, go-to-market strategy and value proposition, Branding, and of course product – from concept to design, sampling to production, across multiple categories; Including jewellery, women’s designer fashion accessories, men’s accessories, luggage, lingerie, active-wear & more. The JLK Program covers everything, import/export, retail and wholesale, digital/ social media, Accounting, logistics, global shipping, P&L and more. Four women embarked on a journey that changed their lives, they will be getting set to launch their brands over the coming months.

We are extremely proud to be part of their journey. We’d love to have you join us in 2018!  Jo & Lindi


Next JLK Program & Sourcing Tour May 2018, and October 2018
For more info visit www.JLKlifestyle.com