Stem Cells

Knee, Hip, Shoulder Or Other Joint Pain?

Other Degenerative Conditions?

Stem Cell Treatment May Be Your Answer.

We have entered the rapidly evolving stem cell age, now offering adipose-derived (harvested from fat, rather than bone marrow) stem cell treatment for a variety of medical conditions.


Stem cells are tiny “progenitor” cells. They have the potential to recognise tissue injury and repair injured cells. In the right environment, these stem cells can change (differentiate) into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, neural tissue, blood vessels and even some organs. Stem cells may also affect healing by secreting special chemical messengers that repair damaged tissue. Adult stem cells appear to be particularly effective in improving painful joints, repairing cartilage and ligaments and even painful conditions along the spine. There are many clinical trials with stem cells going on right now which suggest a very broad and exciting potential for Stem Cells in Advancing Medicine.


At Clinic 42, we assess each case on its merits as to suitability for treatment, please contact us to learn more.


Can you please tell us about the latest treatment to come out of Clinic 42?

Stem cell transfer is the new frontier in regenerative medicine, enabling doctors to treat a variety of age-related or degenerative conditions using ‘autologous’ or patient’s own cells to stimulate repair and recovery.


Which areas can be treated with this procedure?

Therapeutic indications for treatment include osteo-arthritis in joints, tendon and ligament repair, some heart and lung conditions and of course cosmetic treatments for the face, neck and decolletage


How long does this procedure take and how long can we expect the results to last?

The procedure takes about three hours. 
It involves a mini liposuction on the hip area (no, it is not enough for contour change!) following which the harvested fat is processed, to extract the stem cells together with some blood cells and peptides. This mixture of cells is then injected back into the same patient’s areas of concern for repair. 
The treatment takes a few weeks to take effect. The results last for a few years.


What would be the perfect age to have the procedure – or perhaps it’s not about age?

It is definitely NOT about age or about gender, rather it is about what one wants to achieve. It may be that an elite athlete in their twenties has a niggling, non-healing injury… these respond extremely well to stem cell transfer. Or perhaps a weekend-warrior in middle age develops aching joints from repetitive injuries, this is also a good candidate for this procedure. Or someone older, who may be hoping to avoid a joint replacement, may benefit from stem cells. 
For cosmetic indications, it is very useful for sun damaged skin, regardless of age.


The process costs $10000, this cutting edge technology is able to treat some conditions which are unresponsive to other medical forms of treatment, and may be an option for avoiding more invasive procedures.



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