Steven Lyons: Deep Cuts


Steven Lyons has earned his comedy chops performing around the globe, aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean, and as a regular at comedy theaters in Chicago for seven years. He says his comedy is like hugs for your ears, with his absurd yet empathetic wordplay and views on life.

In his new solo show, STEVEN LYONS: DEEP CUTS, premiering as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival, Steven explores how scars – our accidental tattoos – tell the story of our lives. Through tales of wounds, wonders and the world around us, Steven asks who he’d be today if he’d made it this far without running through a glass door or two.

Steven’s experiences in America inspired him to write this show. People often commented on how many scars he had while he was in the states, and he realised the freedom afforded to us New Zealanders as children is not available over there. Parents here can allow their children to run free, climb trees, be adventurous and explore, because when accidents happen and somebody gets hurt in NZ, you go the hospital. When somebody gets hurt in the states, you go the bank!

Since returning home to NZ, he’s been warming up audiences for TV Three’s The Project, was a RAW Quest grand finalist, and performs all around Auckland on his own, and with The Improv Bandits. The NZ Comedy Guild Nominated him for Best MC 2019, Best Live Show 2019 (The Dice Show) and Best Podcast 2017, 2018, 2019 (I’ll Be Back Catalogue – Nz’s #1 Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy podcast ).

Deep Cuts runs 4th-7th March at The Classic Comedy Bar in Auckland