Story Town

In 2013, video is everywhere.

In an age where people’s interaction is online most of the time, companies are learning to interact like people. This means that the communication has to be meaningful and genuine for anyone to take notice.

With an exposure to advertising reaching critical mass, the public’s attention can only be taken by something that resonates with them. That means the slick PR spins of old are getting glossed over by viewers for something more human – tell us the real story.

This is where Storytown enters.

A new start up company founded by Harry Hall and Baz Caitcheon unites Harry’s online skills with Baz’s history in the film industry and provides a unique service – one that teaches companies how to communicate through in-house video production.

“We give companies and organizations the ability to put a face to their name, and create a sense of community to represent them” says Hall “Our focus is to give companies new tools to set them apart from others, and our clients recognize the need to develop a persona both internally and externally”

Storytown offers a range of short courses in which employees are shown how to film, edit and share credible and professional looking videos for their business. This changes the way whole companies operate from inside – with safety and training videos now being made and shared internally. 3

“Phone cameras are now so good, that they are comparable to serious film cameras, difference is everyone has one” says Hall “Companies spend millions trying to raise awareness about themselves and what they do. This is the natural progression for sharing information and creating a buzz, but without the cost.”


Read more at www.storytown.co.nz