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Suddenly movies have lost all appeal…

I am a self-proclaimed movie junkie. Thrillers and comedies hold great appeal but it’s the blockbuster action movies that really float my boat, the noisier the better. However, my thirst for a Hollywood escapism fix has recently been curtailed and JBL are to blame.


Like most gogglebox viewers nowadays, I have a large flat screen on which to view my celluloid addiction but it’s fair to say that it lacks audio depth. So when JBL asked if I would be keen to review their new Bar 5.1 Soundbar, I responded with a resounding yes please.


A rather large box was duly delivered and I set about plugging it all in. My first surprise was how it easy it all came together, I’m not exactly a numpty when it comes to device connection but I was in surround sound glory within 10 minutes—and what glory it was.


The soundbar has detachable wireless surround speakers at each end that recharge when connected to their mothership. They can be positioned quite literally anywhere in the room and work their Ultra HD magic with inexplicable clarity. Then there’s the 10” subwoofer that had our home shuddering in delight (or is that fear?).


The overall result was 510 watts of fully immersive, action packed viewing, that was addictive to the point of nearly calling in sick to binge watch all that Netflix has to offer.


Unfortunately this experience came to an end with one phone call requesting the JBL’s Bar 5.1 return. (Although I still dragged that out for an extra week.)


I still watch movies and still like the thrillers and comedies, but the action blockbusters have now become a little more ho-hum. Maybe I need to request a follow-up review?


Words: Dave Mcleod