Super Boost for Summer! | Clinic 42

We all remember a time when our skin was more radiant, smoother and feeling more hydrated.


As we age, our skin reduces production of natural moisturising factors (NMFs), including hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. If we combine this with long-haul flights, air conditioning, and swimming or sun exposure, no amount of makeup can hide the dehydrating effect on our skin.


If you’ve found yourself reading moisturiser boxes in recent years, odds are you’ve noticed hyaluronic acid at the top of the ingredient list, and with good reason. Hyaluronic acid has a very powerful moisturising effect, drawing water into the skin and trapping it there. It can hold up to one thousand times its own weight in water!


But, if you really want to replenish and maintain optimal hydration of your skin, you need to get a little bit sneaky! Super Boost lets you bypass the gatekeeper that is your skin barrier and deliver the hyaluronic acid directly into your skin, under the very top layer, where it can be best used to replenish natural hydration levels and encourage elastin and collagen production and deposition.


While traditional hyaluronic acid fillers rely on their firm consistency and jelly-like viscosity to lift and reshape the face and skin, Super Boost uses a much thinner product. This means the treatment can be delivered through a tiny, single insertion point on each cheek. Via a cannula, the hyaluronic acid is distributed in a fan pattern to treat the surface of the mid-face, and part of the lower face.


The result of the treatment is hydrated, glowing, smoother skin without adding volume. We notice improved moisturisation and skin texture, lasting for up to six months.


Wouldn’t we all like to bring back that coveted smooth, dewy complexion so the makeup can be left in the drawer some days this summer! Instead, rejoice in natural, glowing, youthful, holiday fresh skin, with some immediate effect.


The treatment takes 30 minutes, with minimal discomfort and no downtime—one of our doctors went to a wedding within a couple of hours of her treatment!


Super Boost will give your skin a radiance and smoothness that you will see you through the summer months in ship-shape.


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