Swiss-Made Expertise at Acoustix Hearing

Nothing’s as important as health, so an investment in your hearing health is an investment in your quality of life. “The best products and technologies are never cheap,” says Thomas Müller, hearing specialist at Acoustix in Remuera. “You always end up paying later for so-called bargains. The most expensive hearing technology you’ll ever buy is the one you don’t use. The one that you look at every day, but don’t actually put in your ears because you’re not happy with it.”


Thomas Müller has more than twenty five years’ experience, and founded Acoustix in Remuera over a decade ago. The Swiss-born and bred precision engineer has studied all aspects of audiometry and trained in Switzerland and New Zealand with some of the world’s most renowned hearing aid manufacturers. “I greatly enjoy working with high-tech, miniaturised things,” Thomas says. “It’s an industry that – once you’re in — is hard to get out of because it is constantly evolving, with newer more sophisticated digital hearing solutions. And it’s so satisfying knowing that you’re doing something positive to help people who are challenged by their hearing. Sometimes they don’t believe this is or will be possible.” Thomas proudly proclaims Acoustix is one of the very few clinics in New Zealand to provide such specialist skills. Certainly no-one else has access to such a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment. Most of his wares wouldn’t look out of place in a modern day spy movie. “I can also do on-the-spot repairs, where possible, and usually within the hour, whereas others have to send devices back to the suppliers. What is a customer supposed to do without their hearing aids during that time?”


There’s more to Acoustix than just hearing aids. They’re suppliers of electronic amplified stethoscopes to the medical industry, custom made In-ear monitors to musicians (Thomas is the country’s expert qualified to fit and supply them: “each monitor sounds like a small orchestra of a thousand angels serenading you!”) and hearing protection for concerts, industrial and commercial workplaces, and general background noise.


All music products are made to measure using the latest digital technology of 3D imaging.


Thomas jokes that he’s even helped a number of marriages, providing customised sleep plugs to attenuate snoring “always by the men!” who ironically are also far more likely to suffer from hearing difficulties.


Acoustix is 100% independent which means it’s not aligned to any suppliers or brands so Thomas offers products most suitable to the needs of each individual client. We don’t look after our ears enough. We should be getting regular checks as we do with our eyes. “Many of my customers have already been through the process with somebody else but are still not happy with their hearing” says Thomas. “My mission is to find out what customers’ expectations are. Then match those expectations with technology that they’re comfortable with and that they will actually use and not just stick in a drawer at home.” There is little benefit, for example, in a person having a miniature hearing aid if their fingers aren’t nimble enough to change the battery and operate it.


“I’m not interested in just churning people over,” Thomas adds. “I spend the time consulting. I build long-lasting relationships, because ultimately, the most expensive hearing aid is the one that you never wear.”


Acoustix Hearing Technologies
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