The Lang Family

Taekwon-Do: My Personal Journey

I never would have thought that as a 50-something man, along with my slightly older wife and three children, we would have embarked on a martial arts journey together.


Taekwon-do is life changing.


Our three children first started TKD about five years ago. As teenagers they found it challenging and exciting. The club we joined is very family focused and run by two sisters who are passionate about the art and its benefits for mind, body and lifestyle.


After a couple of years watching my children grow through the physical and mental challenges they encountered – plus a major health scare, I decided to have a go to lose some weight and get fitter.


Well I’ve lost weight, gained flexibility and am definitely fitter! What started as a way to spend more time with my kids transformed into a life changing mental gear shift. The benefits I experienced in terms of my mental clarity and physical improvements were such that my wife joined me only one term later. I would have to say that the closeness and camaraderie of the club and the whole TKD family has had a flow on effect into making my whole family closer and geared more to helping each other. I have even competed in the national competitions, receiving a gold medal in my weight class for my efforts. Not bad for a podgy 50-something who hadn’t played any sport in nearly 30 years.


I’m setting my goal now for black belt in December 2018.


So if you are looking for something fresh to do this year, to get fit, lose weight healthily, or just for fun and companionship, take a look at taekwon-do. You may like the challenge and become a national or world champion yourself!


We have kids’ classes, youth classes and an adults’ class. Our oldest current member is mid-70’s and my wife has arthritis so you can’t use age or physical limitations as an excuse! You train at your own pace. There are no demands to grade until the instructors feel you are ready but our friendly club culture will see you wanting to extend your ability and achieve. Our club is friendly, family focused and our head instructors are very experienced world champions of 5th and 4th Dan black belt grade.


If you would like to learn more about taekwon-do, please give Rosemary a call on 0272666172 (Rudy’s PC Services). She can give you more information about our club and offer two free training lessons for you to get an idea of what TKD is about. She can also give you contact details for other clubs closer to your area.


Our classes kick off on 7 February this year, come and join us for an experience and lifestyle you won’t forget.


Words: Rudy Lang