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Talking Fashion with Anna Caselberg

It’s not an uncommon dilemma. A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Buying something on a whim, then finding there’s nothing to match it with. Getting ready for a night out, only to feel like nothing fits or isn’t on trend anymore.


As a long-time fashion stylist of New Zealand, author, designer, and mother, Anna Caselberg not only knows clothes, she also knows how to work a wardrobe better than most. After forging a career in the editorial magazine and styling industries, Anna has developed an eye for piecing outfits together and creating wardrobes that are versatile and stylish. Anna now uses this knowledge and knack for detail to help women transform their relationship to their wardrobe and find a way of dressing that works for them.


She doesn’t have a set ‘rule’ when styling, instead opting to create a look that both suits the clients in shape and colour, and suits their personality and lifestyle.


Much of her styling work focuses on repurposing quality pieces to become flattering and modern. To make something wearable and on trend again can be as simple as lifting a hem, narrowing a side seam, or repairing small details. One of her top tips is to invest in a few more expensive, high quality pieces you’re likely to wear often, and then top this up with less expensive complementary pieces. Then, add a hint of colour or a splash of print. Stick to accessories you feel comfortable with, such as hats, a watch, stacked bracelets, or a silk scarf. But most importantly, make the look work for you, rather than letting the look wear you.


Beyond fashion, Anna’s work has other impacts too. With the rising trend of conscious consumerism and ethical fashion, she believes that the tide is turning on fast ‘throw away after a season’ clothing. The fashion industry is turning towards a more sustainable future, where quality design and fabrics are becoming appreciated.


She believes the work she does organising wardrobes and restyling clothes ties in with the minimalism movement too. Downsizing clutter and organising starts with the wardrobe. This not only means you’ll be able to create new outfits from the existing pieces you rediscover, but it can also be therapeutic and a source of calm and control.


Her next challenge is to create the ultimate 10-piece wearable wardrobe — without reverting to the safety of black pieces.


Photographer: Sara Orme
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