The Art of May

There is no denying it, winter is here. Jandals are out and slippers are in. Images of European springtime have begun to appear on Instagram feeds like the darling buds of May, serving to illustrate the vastness between the platform and our actual reality – that we are miles away, looking down the barrel of winter.  With mobile screens providing little warmth, here is a selection of vibrant art exhibitions to warm your cockles this month of May.


Peter Hawksbey courtesy of Anna Miles Gallery


Double The Pleasure

Anna Miles Gallery

Peter Hawkesby continues to provide pleasure for the arts district of Karangahape Road by way of his ceramic works. These combine loosely referential objects finished in earthen glasses with brightly spray-painted ceramic halos – as if paying homage to the materials found in this notoriously gritty and flamboyant urban locality. The group show also features artists Adrienne Vaughan and Richard Stratton and is on until 25 May.  



Nola Campbell courtesy of Tim Melville Gallery

Nola Campbell

Tim Melville Gallery

Nola Campbell is part of Colour Field, an Aboriginal Group show on at Tim Melville Gallery. Campbell’s work documents the country in which she lives via a visually arresting style of painting which talks to the intimate relationship she has with her land. Raised in a traditional nomadic context, Campbell (originally Yurnangurnu) keeps the stories past and present of her land alive through her bold expressive brush strokes and vibrant colours. Fascinating, colourful and inspiring, Colour Field is on throughout May, until 8 June.



Emma Bass courtesy of Artis Gallery

On Paper

Artis Gallery

Originals, screen-prints, woodcuts and photography, Artis Gallery presents a diverse selection of works on paper in this group show. From Emma Bass to Liam Barr, this is an exhibition guaranteed to have something for everyone. Running from 21 May–9 June,  the line-up also includes artists Aroha Gossage, Nigel Brown, Bridget Bidwill, Fatu Feu’u, Weston Frizzell and Michael Smither.



May Trubuhovich courtesy of Masterworks, Horse Cigarette


May Trubuhovich courtesy of Masterworks, Horse Hay



May Trubuhovich 

Masterworks Gallery

Nothing will warm your heart and those around you, more than a tiny button badge of a chirping bird, against a warm yellow backdrop. Masterworks gallery is exhibiting the coveted stitch-work of May Trubuhovich until 11 May. Her first exhibition of fine art outside of a career in award-winning film and animation, Trubuhovich’s work is full of drama and narrative. With tiny wearable artworks starting at $95, it’s well worth making the effort.



Lisa Reihana courtesy of Malcolm Smith Gallery

Garden of Memories

Malcolm Smith Gallery

A group show curated by Giles Peterson, brings together heirloom and contemporary Pacific quilts by artists from across Asia and the South Pacific. The exhibition stokes its audience both educationally and emotionally. Featuring quilt works by Shona Pitt, Sheena Taivairanga, Lisa Reihana, Vea Mafile’o, Reina Sutton, Lina Pavaha Marsh, and Ken Khun. The Garden of Memories is on until 12 May.