Pete Wheeler. Courtesy of Whitespace.
Pete Wheeler. Courtesy of Whitespace.

The Art of September | Digital Art

Digital art fixes. Any feeling of art dislocation with art engagement within this new world need not affect your enjoyment of art. There are some amazing online artforms which enable you to discover artists and amazing artworks from the comfort of your bed.

I highly recommend subscribing to Ocula, a New Zealand born arts platform that has grown exponentially since its creation, serving online audiences globally with artists and shows from all over the world.


If however, you’re itching to get out and experience art in the flesh, which is ideal, it’s worth noting that most dealer galleries follow the same protocol within the different levels of lockdown, although it is always best to check with a gallery prior to visiting it to double check their individual protocol. Here are the general rules that the industry is currently adhering to:

Level 1 – open viewing with tracer app
Level 2 – open viewing – with tracer app
Level 3 – appointment viewing for purchase – with tracer app
Level 4 – online only

Krystie Wade. Courtesy on Whitespace.
Krystie Wade. Courtesy on Whitespace.

Of Naked Existence
Artist: Krystie Wade

Whitespace gallery has a range of work available to view for the first half of September. Artist Krystie Wade’s colourful abstract landscape paintings explore and pull apart the topographical, ecological, and emotional aspects of nature through multiple perspectives and dynamic colour compositions. Creating a distinctive style. On until 11 Sept.


Seekin to Devour
Pete Wheeler and selected artists

Wheeler merges combinations of unexpected imagery to form disparate themes that confront issues around dissonance, disjunction and discord. On until 11 Sept.


+64 9 361 6331
Georgie Hill, Wave Equation. Courtesy of Visions.
Georgie Hill, Wave Equation. Courtesy of Visions.


Concave Iridescence
Artist: Georgie Hill

An exhibition of new work from Georgie Hill, this body of work presents lithographs from the artist. Denoting a substantial material shift from watercolour to lithographic printing ink. Of this process Hill states, “I think the medium has enabled me to give a different weight and energy to the work’s linear and graphic qualities, and to my interest in diagrammatic imagery.” On until 26 Sept.

+64 9 307 8870

Thinking About Thinking About The Future

A group exhibition developed over the lockdown period, that thinks about the future through the current moment. This exhibition brings together new and existing work to create a reactive constellation; one that could only happen now, as society collectively emerges from a place of contemplation, of rāhui and of isolation. Subject to level 2, on until 27 Sept.

Te Uru
+64 9 817 8087

Enchanted Worlds: Hokusai, Hiroshige and the Art of Edo Japan

If you’ve finally found the time during lockdown to enrich your cultural palette by learning te reo Māori, then you’ll be delighted to know that the Auckland Art Gallery has launched a te reo Māori virtual tour of Enchanted worlds. Which also includes an audio guide, giving you further access to ancient Japanese art through spoken-word curator insights. So even though the exhibition is now closed, you can still experience it online from the comfort of home.

Auckland Art Gallery
+64 9 379 1349