The Book Corner | June

A Place of Darkness and Stones, Chris Mousdale | $30

This is a story of a land deep underground where the Striggs have taken refuge for many years as the humans have driven them to the edge of extinction. They have survived, but times are getting tough as pollution from above filters down and causes sickness amongst the survivors. Then calamity as a young boy falls down the well and the Striggs have to decide whether they take him up to safety and their doom or the humans come down searching for him and complete their unfinished work. Written for young adults but also a good crossover novel, A Place of Darkness and Stones is a modern fable about good overcoming evil. You can order signed copies of the book from Arcadia Bookshop in Osborne St Newmarket. Highly recommended family reading.


Memories of the Future, Siri Hustvedt | $38

This is a novel where the author has woven herself into the story. Referred to as S.H., a 23-year-old woman from small town Minnesota wanting to find the bright lights of New York. She has given herself a year in which to write the novel that has been swirling round her brain before she goes off to university and her career proper. Looking back through her 40-year-old journal and some of her writing, she realises that nothing much has changed, and that modern life has been slow to evolve. Great bookclub read and a book to stir up the emotions.


The Note Through the Wire, Doug Gold  | $37

This is the true story of New Zealand soldier Bruce Murray, a POW in a camp during the war, who, by pure chance, meets Josefine Lobnik, a young Yugoslav partisan fighter. Not only do they meet but they fall in love, but the brutality of war keeps getting in the way. They are caught up in an extraordinary set of circumstances as each tries to escape. Bruce and Josefine are Doug Gold’s in-laws and he tells their story with great sensitivity and gusto.


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