The Book Corner with Doris Mousdale

The Wall  John Lanchester | $33

All of John Lanchester’s books are different from each other, he is no writer or formula fiction. His new novel The Wall is an hypnotic read.Set in the close future it is a tale of how a country has barricaded itself with a huge wall to keep unwanted, immigrants, activists or”Others” out and it becomes the duty of all young people to spend two years guarding The Wall from invasion. It is really a parable of our time. The older generation has allowed earth to become a strange and dangerous place with depleted resources and stateless people looking for a safe havens and it is up to the younger generation to deal with the immense problems created by the older folk (us). It may sound a little depressing but he hooks you up in the detail of what happens that you will sail through the book. It can be read by 16 to 91 year olds and the message is clear. We need to clean up our act before it’s too late.


The Age of Light Whitney Scharer | $35

This new book is a must read for all those many fans of A Paris Wife, Lee Miller goes to Paris in the late 1920s after having a successful career as a model with American Vogue. She wants to become a photographer and is feted in the close Parisian art world and noticed by upcoming artist Man Ray. This is a tale of strong, real characters, who meet, clash have a passionate affair and then go their separate ways but always remain slightly connected. Lee’s path led to war photography and the very famous moments of history captured by her camera. True story wrapped up in a novel, great book club read or that indulgent treat when you want a book to take you out of yourself.


Battle Sight Zero Gerald Seymour | $35

This fast-paced book might as well have strong content stamped on the front cover. It is a very topical story of an MI5 agent who infiltrates a terrorist cell in the South of France. Their aim is to get AK47 guns into the UK, his aim is to stop them. All goes according to plan until he becomes too involved with the young activist who is chosen to smuggle the weapon in on a trial run. If she can do it a flood of weapons will cross borders.Although it is the story of Andy and Zeinab it is really the story of the power of the gun. Pure fiction but incredibly believable and most probably a hair lineaway from the truth. A thrilling thriller.


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