The Stuff of Life $50

Hilary Roberston

This is the perfect book for those who haven’t fallen into the Marie Kondo trap of clearing your living spaces of the possessions that make your house your home.This lovely book shows you how to display your photos, accessories or even kitchen equipment. As the seasons change, now is a perfect opportunity to rearrange and restyle and curate your collections. Banish the barren spaces and clear surfaces and get creative with your belongings by putting them on display.


Reclaiming Style $45

Maria Speake and Adam Hills

This new book is showing the rising trend in reclaiming and reusing materials that have had a previous life. If you already visit the demolition yard or poke about in antique fairs or hospice shops looking for treasure you will have already honed your skills in creating a new life for all sorts of stuff. Reclaiming Style shows you how to incorporate found and reworked pieces and materials into your living space. The bonus is there are plenty of very elegant ideas which are a million miles away from the junk store style which folk think reclamation is all about. 


The History of Landscape Design In 100 Gardens, $120

Linda A. Chisholm

A rare treat. A new book of 100 notable gardens from all around the world, packed with beautiful photographs and an essay on each of the gardens, their history, plantings and the people who keep them in such fine form. It doesn’t matter if you only have a collection of pots or a tiny courtyard for your garden, you can read up on the ever-changing style of landscape gardening and why it is more important now than ever. Top of the range, but well worth the investment and an inspiration for those looking to make a beautiful garden for the future.



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