The Colour Q&A

Verve asks some of their favourite furniture stores a few colourful questions.



If you were a colour what would you be? Blue. Royal Persian, sea or duck egg. Any shade of blue. I have other favourites for a while but I always go back to blue.

If you had to describe your current mood, what colour would it be? Dusky pink and brass. So cosy and warm for a bedroom — right where I’d like to be tucked up!

Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration? It’s not obscure, but I look to nature for inspiration, where you see colours you wouldn’t traditionally put together. The sky, flowers, leaves in the gutter…

If you were asked to paint a ‘winter’ dining room what colour would you choose? Emerald green. Exactly the colour velvet we had on a gorgeous sofa at Allium. Everyone loved it. It was coming home with me until someone brought it. This colour is also in the Christian Lacroix collection and his new wallpaper panels which are my new favourites… this week!

Likewise a ‘summer’ dining room? The same green as the winter room, but complemented with lots of white, tropical leaves, or new favourite cactus fabric from Pierre Frey. Very fresh and very Miami.

Tell our readers your thoughts on feature walls? Are they a thing of the past? Painted feature walls have been replaced by wallpaper, and even more so by wallpaper panels with huge or no repeats. Christian Lacroix panels are stunning, as are the designers Guild and Jessica Zoob. Jessica’s panels are literally her art translated into panels. With advances in digital printing they are definitely part of our future.



If you were a colour what would it be? We adore ochre. Not only is it the one of the first colours ever used, it is so versatile. Ochre looks stunning paired with teals, greens , blues and charcoals and works perfectly with brass and bronze metals which are currently so popular.

If you had to describe your current colour mood what would it be? Happy yellow. We are upbeat, happy and optimistic, there are so many opportunities for us all living in a country as wonderful as New Zealand. If you work hard you can fly here. We are also so lucky to be working in such a creative environment with so many lovely clients and beautiful products, how could we not be upbeat?

If you were asked to paint a winter dining room what colour would it be? Autumnal colours work really well to create a cozy environment for winter. Hues of ochre, burnt orange and olive work beautifully with winter essentials like fur throws and wood stacked by the fire! Incorporating brass and bronze, especially in the form of lighting helps to lift these colours to make them really glow.

Likewise a summer dining room? You don’t get much more summery than a crisp white cape cod inspired palette. A summer dining room should light, bright and airy. We love accents of soft greens and duck egg blues in dining rooms too as these create a lovely fresh environment, perfect for summer!

What are your thoughts on feature walls, are they a thing of the past? Not necessarily although we certainly are seeing more textures being used as a feature wall such as exposed brick, textured wallpapers, concrete and timber. If using colour, the trick is to use tones that are harmonious rather than bold opposites then make sure to tie in these colours with furnishings and fabrics so the room is cohesive as a whole. Layer, layer, layer!



If you were a colour what would you be? I would like to think I would be a lovely soft aquamarine blue: the colour of the water as you fly over a coral reef in a small plane. Or a vibrant Prussian blue: the colour of the uniforms of the Prussian army, such a stunning colour.

If you had to describe your current mood, what colour would it be? We are working on some fabulous new homes throughout the country and there is a great positive vibe throughout the company so I am currently feeling the colour or burnt amber: positive, uplifted and excited.

If you were asked to paint a ‘winter’ dining room, what colour would you choose? The wall colour in the dining room should be seen as a backdrop to the people who will be dining there. Guests can wear a wide selection of different colours and patterns so the walls shouldn’t compete with them. I would use a single colour rather than a bold pattern, and for a formal room, I prefer to use a seagrass or similar to give a tone on tone, hand-touched effect. Depending on the aspect of the room, this can be anything from very light neutral to quite dark.

 Likewise, a ‘summer’ dining room? That brings to mind a room with a large expanse of windows overlooking a garden, pool or an extended view beyond. I feel it is important to pull the colours in from outside to ground the room and tie the room in with its surroundings. It has the added advantage of making the room feel larger while increasing the visual appeal.

What’s your current paint colour obsession? Depending on the location, it is neutrals through to soft clean greys to dark charcoal, and soft mossy greens to ochre. It depends on the location, the suitability of the colour to the surroundings, and the way it works with our clients’ furnishings and artwork. We don’t usually follow colour trends, but instead let the surroundings dictate the colours we should use.