The Health Collective – Auckland Physiotherapy

Left to Right: Katy, Mark, Helen

If you have a physical injury or recurring pain, we recommend putting the brilliant team at Auckland Physiotherapy on speed dial.


A Convenient Location

Nestled amidst Foundation restaurant and Corso di Fiori at the meet-up of Newmarket and Parnell, Auckland Physiotherapy is perfectly situated with easy-parking and flat access for the mobility impaired. The boutique establishment boasts arched sash windows, white brick walls and wooden floors redolent of a New York premises – beautiful surroundings in which to entrust yourself to the team’s wellness expertise. 


Top-Class Credentials

“Mark and I met after working overseas while doing our post-graduate studies,” says Katy Street, a masters-qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist, who owns the business with Mark Quinn and Helen Dudley. “We wanted to find a clinic similar to what we’d been working with in the UK where all of the staff had post-graduate qualifications and worked closely with doctors.”


The duo couldn’t find anything resembling the concept in New Zealand so they set up Auckland Physiotherapy and Helen joined them soon after. 


“Overall we have 20 highly trained staff,” says Katy. “We specialise in complex issues because most of our physiotherapists are masters-qualified or have completed post-graduate studies, and we’re supported by practitioners in pilates, personal training, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, massage, acupuncture, and essential oils. We look not only at a person’s injury but also holistically at the whole person with the overarching goal of helping them move well and live well.


“We’re a company that excels when it comes to treating persistent and complex pain and injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and we have a large focus on keeping our clients well throughout their lives.”


The Collective Method

Auckland Physiotherapy works to a plan they call The Collective Method. The fundamental essence of this method is partnership, within the overall team and with the client. It involves three steps: understand, treat, achieve.


“We work in collaboration with you to get you back to doing what you love better than ever,” says Katy. 


With master physios, senior physios, massage therapists, coaches and instructors, the team can provide multiple tiers of treatment, ensuring you get the right person to help you. Treatment is completely personalised and moves you as quickly as possible from pain to recovery, recovery to strength, and strength to wellness. 


“We listen to your story so we understand the root cause of the problem and give you an accurate diagnosis,” explains Katy. “We then give you a programme to follow with specific exercises, videos, and pictures that are downloadable online or on the app. We use a range of evidence-based techniques including mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue release, dry needling and clinical pilates.”


The term health collective means the talented team work together to deliver the best result. This combined with the extensive training of the physiotherapy team means people often need fewer sessions. 


They’re continually challenging the status quo of physiotherapy because of the results and positive changes they see in people’s lives. “We often see people who no longer need their planned surgery,” says Katy. “We teach people about their injury, what caused it and what they can do to the reduce pain and prevent injury so they walk away feeling empowered and in control of their own body.”


The overall aim is to get people’s movement patterns on point. “If there’s something we can’t help with, we refer on. We have a rule: if it’s not a long-standing chronic issue and we don’t see improvement we’ll refer people on to a member of our team, a specific specialist and/or for imaging. We work closely with doctors and can organise scans, ultrasounds and x-rays,” says Katy. 


Free Seminars & Workshops

The team holds monthly seminars and workshops, which are free of charge for clients and book out within two hours. “They’re about creating a community and providing inspiration and knowledge about healthy living,” says Katy. “Every month there’s a different topic – it might be learning how to make natural cleaning products or running tips from our running coach; we have one coming up focusing on headaches.” 




Greenlane: Ascot Office Park, Level 3, Building C, 95 Ascot Ave, 1051
09 366 4480


Newmarket: Foundation Precinct, 8 George Street, 1023
09 366 4480