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The innovation formula: THINK LAZY. Your customers are lazy. Think like them.

If you’re involved in thinking about the future of your organisation, you’ve no doubt seen the tsunami of advice about innovation. Incubators, labs, the list goes on. You’ve been told that what you have done for the last 20 years (you know, the stuff that made you successful in the first place) won’t work any more.


But you have been successful, and you still are. So, why should you care?


Of course you have challenges, but they’re not lack of innovation. Your challenges are selling more.


So why should you care about innovation?


The challenge is that competition is getting fiercer; it’s harder and harder to maintain prices, and it’s harder to attract and retain good staff.


So why should you care about innovation?

Competition is Getting Harder

The answer is simple, yet profound. Think of the smartphone in your pocket. Think how you interact with it, the services such as Uber, Spotify and Facebook that it provides at the tap of a thumb. Your smartphone is one example of how customer expectations are changing at a rate that is more and more rapid. Millennials know no other way. And they are your future customer base.


So, you need an app, right? Think about this: how many apps have you used once, and then forgotten what they did? So no, just building an app isn’t the solution.


Which brings us back to why you should innovate. Think back to your challenges: competition is getting fiercer and it’s harder to make sales. These challenges are getting stronger because of increasing customer expectations. Your customers expect your business to be as seamless as an iPhone. If it’s not, you can bet that someone else is trying to solve your customers’ problems. So, you must innovate to solve your customers’ problems.


This is where ThinkLazy comes in. Led by Hamish Nuttall  who founded Naked Bus (sold to Souter Holdings in 2015), they are a team of successful entrepreneurs who are now helping other businesses, from corporates to startups, innovate.


Here at ThinkLazy, we’re all about the challenge: challenging our clients’ thinking and taking on the challenge of meeting our clients’ needs. That way, everyone grows.


Innovation is only valuable if it makes customers’ lives easier

They start by asking clients to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. Then they surface the problems their customers have. The ThinkLazy team constantly challenges, and by getting right into the business, can come up with breakthrough solutions that change the game.


And they don’t just talk innovation. While they are business- rather than technology-led, they acknowledge tech is part of any solution so they build innovative software solutions for clients as well, solving the most important customer painpoints first. Because innovation is only valuable if it makes customers’ lives easier.


Challenge is key to how the ThinkLazy team work—challenging clients’ thinking, and being challenged by their clients’ customers. So they test and measure everything they do. After all, the only person who can determine the success of a new product or business is the customer. To paraphrase Alistair Croll: “Innovation isn’t just a stab in the dark. It’s a stab in the dark and listen for screaming.”


Recently, ThinkLazy started working with Verve magazine. Verve is a successful business, but it’s not immune from the challenges facing print in an online world.


“When running your own business—far too often there is an excuse for not ‘working on your business’—probably because one is totally ‘working in the business.’ For us though, since participating in a ThinkLazy workshop, things are changing. Truly it was a day well spent. We brainstormed, we were challenged and had a lot of fun, but more importantly a wonderful idea emerged from the day’s workshop, one which we plan to implement.  We are looking forward to growing Verve to another level. Thanks so much ThinkLazy!” – Verve Team


Innovation isn’t just a stab in the dark. It’s a stab in the dark and listen for screaming

ThinkLazy collaborates with corporates and startups to provide innovative solutions solving customer problems. Providing strategic thinking, execution, and software development, it focuses on the end-to-end solution. To find out more, email


Photo: ThinkLazy Team | Hamish Nuttall – Founder of ThinkLazy, Adriana Christie – Co-Founder of The Pallet Kindgom and, Maria Selva – Co-Founder of Girls Weekenz