The Language of Flowers

Think big this Summer and introduce dramatic floral elements that will elevate festive gatherings around the table to an extraordinary feast for the eyes and senses.


Nature Study

Never mind floral prints on linen. Here the flowers have become the tablecloth, displayed en masse under a raised glass top.





The Dark Arts

What better reason than a special dinner gathering to release your inner production designer and set an evocative, cinematic scene for your guests?




Suspended Animation

Evoke happy childhood memories with a whimsical jelly dessert – this time with grown-up flavours and filled with flowers.



Ice Age

See the beauty of flowers from a different perspective by freezing edible petals in ice cubes. What better way to perk up festive cocktails than with the vibrant colours of rose petals, nasturtium, borage, marigold and pansies?


Photographs: Warren Heath