The Metamorphosis of a Jeweller – Lisa Hoskin


“I’ve been reinventing myself over the last 10 years,” says designer, Lisa Hoskin.


It’s been quite the creative journey for the girl from Waipukurau who originally worked in the travel business by day while by night gigging as a performance artist in the music industry.


Selling her collection of tapes provided the pathway to live in Siena, Italy, in the ’90s. It was there she became inspired to make jewellery by hand.


Her technique was unheard of at the time and some say remains unrivalled to this very day.


Central to Lisa’s Italian-inspired designs were little crystal domes that enshrined exquisite images collected from around Florence, San Gimignano and Siena on Lisa’s travels.


Stores from Harrods through to high-end NZ stores stocked the pieces. They’ve proved to be timeless, as avid collectors today still commission bespoke creations.


“Back when I first designed my jewellery there were no home computers and when they arrived I went online not for inspiration, but to make sure no one else had designed these before—I wanted to be original,” she says.


Her pursuit of what’s innovative in jewellery has not stopped.


Since then, Lisa Hoskin Jewellery has morphed into an ever-evolving global treasure trove of new finds priced from an affordable $50 to several thousand dollars.


“I want to be doing fresh things,” Lisa says. That intention is palpable when entering her new Parnell studio, the venue of VIP jewellery parties upon request.


The spacious atelier is graced with a distinctive Billie Culy floral artwork that exudes a luxury-bohemian elegance. It’s a sophistication that reflects Lisa’s travels around the world.



This aesthetic is also mirrored in her cleverly curated jewellery pieces on display.


Refined Venetian glass strands, studs, solid bars engraved with Roman numerals, antique necklaces of amber topaz, astrological inspired creations and one-of-a-kind diamond set pieces perfectly complement Lisa’s own striking designs.


Ethical jewellery is big on her radar too. She researched widely before selecting the fine, hand-hewn precious and semi-precious gems by Emily Amey who she visited recently in her New York workshop.


Amey’s work mixes 14-carat gold with responsibly sourced diamonds, organic tourmaline, dreamy opals, Russian ammonite, citrine, watermelon tourmaline, pastel sapphires, turquoise, moonstone stones and rose cut gems.


Think paradoxical craftsmanship at work here. Delicate bands set off with irregular hand cut stones. Stylists are huge fans with pieces popping up in the pages of Instyle, GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.


“I haven’t seen anything like it in New Zealand. There’s a certain refinement and irregularity without being rough,” Lisa says. She’s reordered eight times in 18 months. The latest shipment has arrived just in time for Christmas.


Wildthings Collectibles in sterling silver or silver with 24-carat gold plate is another find from Amsterdam. “I love the quirky vibe of these pieces,” Lisa says impressed with the quality of the youthful edgy brand that’s priced under $150.


It’s weighty yet affordable with amulets, lockets and pendants hiding inscriptions like “stay wild” or “sweet as honey” within.


As for 2019, Lisa has a new collection in the pipeline of wristwear of gold and silver stretch bracelets and subtle yet sophisticated necklaces that will be fantastic layering pieces to be mixed and matched. And her favourite piece? It turns into one of those a full circle moments. She reaches for the gold coin pendant hanging from her neck.


It has an embossed butterfly with a crown on one side that she turns over revealing an engraved cursive letter ‘L’ with a diamond.


“I still come back to my Italian beginnings. The butterfly is the queen of freedom and flight. The crown is for strength,” she says. Imprinted is an inscription in Latin, prendere il volo that means ‘take flight’. It’s the perfect embodiment of a wanderlust creative to a tee.


Words — Sarah Sparks

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