The Pathway to Healthy Skin

Louise Gray Skincare reveals your guideline to great skin.

The look, strength, youth and health of your skin can be optimised with the correct care, which is what Louise Gray Skincare is all about. Yes, you can buy a tube of lipstick at the clinic, but the main focus of the business is — as the name would suggest — the care of the skin.

It’s their passion

From clinic manager, Nicola Ogles (a trained skincare pro), to skincare therapists Beverley Danyali and Roche Sanson, to former registered nurse and owner, Louise Gray, it’s all about what’s happening within and without your body and how it reflects on your skin.

It’s why you’ll find part of the skincare prescription at Louise Gray’s is taking flaxseed oil daily, keeping up your water intake and adding supplements to your regime. “It’s amazing the difference we’ve seen flaxseed oil bring to the skin,” says Louise. “You really can see it become more hydrated and stronger, the capillaries even out. It also creates a better result with hair removal like waxing.”

Another part of the ‘script’ at Louise Gray’s is having your pictures taken on the Reveal Skin Imager. It’s incredibly…well….revealing.

The high-tech machine reveals the amount of pigmentation (also known as sun damage and brown spots), redness and broken capillaries occurring in your skin. They may not be highly visible to the naked eye, but they’re there all the same and they’re what can stand between you and a beautiful, radiant complexion.

Yes, the Reveal Skin Imager can be a little bit confronting, but it’s an incredible tool in the quest for fabulous skin. Put it together with advanced skincare, in-the-know skincare therapists, a good diet, a little bit of flaxseed oil, lots of water and — let’s not forget that often forgotten skincare tool — deep breathing, to help keep stress at bay and your body nicely oxygenated.

Words: Jenna Moore