The Power Of Healthy Ageing

Ever wonder where your body’s power comes from? The answer is smaller than you think.


As we age, the health of our body becomes more and more important, as anyone over the age of 40 will testify. From minor niggles, to feelings of slowing down, to more major concerns – we increasingly find ourselves having health-related conversations with friends and family.


The Little Secret To Ageing

One of the main contributing factors to this change is the way our cells produce their power and if you can bear reading a little bit of science about this it can make a great difference to how you approach your health. 


Your body contains around 37 trillion cells which make up everything from your skin to your eyes, organs and muscles. As you can imagine, it’s pretty important they’re in good working order, ensuring your heart is healthy, skin is functioning and joints performing optimally, for example.


Powering every one of these cells are something called mitochondria, which are like tiny energy plants within each cell. From the age of 30 your mitochondria function can slow down by around 10 percent every decade, in turn compromising your cell function. If your mitochondria aren’t performing adequately, other solutions you deploy such as skincare and vitamins can have little benefit.


Balancing The Good Bad

The secret to optimum mitochondrial function is keeping a good balance of the antioxidant CoQ10 and free-radicals, both of which the mitochondria make when they’re producing cell energy. When these are in balance everything is okay, but as your mitochondrial function slows down with age, it can produce less CoQ10, leaving free-radicals to run crazy wild and cause damage. In order to help your cells work optimally therefore, you need to maintain good levels of CoQ10 in the mitochondria.


The rub here is that – like a club with a strict door policy – the mitochondria are fussy about what they let in, and the form of CoQ10 that’s found in most supplements is too large to get into the mitochondria.


10 Second Helper

Enter two clever scientists from The University of Otago, who engineered a very special form of CoQ10 that was small enough to get inside the mitochondria, replenishing CoQ10 levels and helping to power up cell energy and function. This breakthrough science is available in the world-first supplement MitoQ, created here in New Zealand to help support your body’s health.


MitoQ is a game changing combination of molecules that have the unique ability to enter mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than any other CoQ10 supplement has before. Once inside, MitoQ supports mitochondrial performance so that the body’s natural power and resilience is maintained. The best bit? Taking MitoQ takes only 10 seconds a day, leaving you more time to schedule in more complicated health measures like PT sessions and your smoothie regime.



Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. MitoQ Ltd, Auckland.