The Science of Detoxification

Most of us have heard of L. Ron Hubbard, but how much do we know about his areas of expertise?


Well known as the founder of Scientology, it is perhaps less known that he is behind 200 million words – writings and audio lectures – in the world today. Indeed, one of his books, Clear Body Clear Mind, sets out a Purification program that has come into its own in, what would appear to be, the 21st Century Wellness Revolution.


Dr Helen Smith, a holistic doctor who specialises in nutrition and women’s health explains Scientology and the Purification program. “I’ve followed Scientology for 30 years. I liked it because it had great tools for study when I trained as a GP,” she says. “I still belong to the College of GPs but I tend to focus more on nutritional medicine and women’s health. I take blood tests and decipher what a person may be lacking. For example, many 40+ women experience hormone imbalance which could be helped by natural approaches.”


She goes on to say: “Scientology is really an applied philosophy and followers can easily be of other faiths. I grew up Anglican. It’s very non-prescriptive. The sensationalism is skewed. Take the incidence of the media report on the idea of a ‘silent birth’ – it doesn’t mean the mother must be silent, rather it means the environment around should be as calm and as quiet as possible. It’s quite sensible and practical.”


The Purification program described in Clear Body Clear Mind is about clearing the mind and spirit by flushing out toxins in the body. “Initially Ron Hubbard developed it for people who had taken lots of drugs like LSD, but it also helps rid the body of the residues of chemicals, toxins, pesticides and radiation through sunburn which can lodge in the cells and fatty tissue of the body.” says Dr Smith. “Drugs in particular can deplete Niacin and the other B vitamins along with minerals.” The book covers the treatment involving running to get the circulation moving, followed by a dry sauna at a lower temperature. This creates a sweat to flush out the cells, which is followed by a replenishing process using good oils, cellular salts and vitamins. “It’s a bit like a car oil change,” says Dr Smith. “On average, it takes 23 days to complete. The programme must be supervised and a medical check is required beforehand. Not everyone can take part.”


“The program has had huge success,” she says. “In Vietnam the effects of Agent Orange are still manifesting and an independent facility in Germany verified that the Purification program eradicates it. The Vietnamese Government is funding the building of 60 centres to provide the Purification program. It was also provided to the firefighters of 9/11 who had trouble with their lungs after breathing in dust and fumes during the tragedy.”


What does it mean for you? Helen says, “It’s a fact we live in a chemical oriented society. Chemicals can lodge in your body for years, dull your senses, reduce your ability to think clearly and worse, prevent any advancement in mental and spiritual well-being.”


Tens of thousands of people around the world have experienced great results from the Purification Program including:

  Ability to think clearly.

  Better perception, focus, vitality and gain more energy.

  Heightened efficiency in making decisions and taking action.

  A more positive attitude toward life and happiness.

• Dramatically improved general wellness and a heightened sense of spiritual well-being.

Obtain and read the book Clear Body Clear Mind ($ NZD 30 – free shipping).



Did you know?

1.  New Zealand is the second registered Scientology church in the world.

2.  Scientology embraces people of all denominations.

3. The Church of Scientology in Auckland is an exquisitely restored 1929 heritage building and was the old Whitecliff Arts College, which began life as the Methodist Theological College a seminary for Methodist pastors in training.

4. The building has a dedicated area for the detox  Purification program.


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