Goth in the Alley, Erin/ Glasgow by Charles Hamilton

The Subcultures of Today

Bogans, hipsters, emos, goths, bikies — where will it end? The subcultures of today are broader than ever and are becoming hard to keep up with. Before you know it your teenage daughter is a Haul Girl and your nephew is a Brony, but what exactly defines these groups of people?



The dictionary definition states that a bogan is, “an uncouth or unsophisticated person, regarded as being of low social status.” Yikes, doesn’t exactly sound desirable, and shows like Bogan Hunters are probably just adding to the stereotype. Nevertheless, if you believe being a bogan is your calling, then simply find yourself a flannel shirt and a six pack of Woodstock and there you have it.



If you value independent thinking, counter culture, progressive politics, and have an appreciation of art and indie-rock, then I’m sorry to have to tell you, but you are a hipster. Although ‘hipsterism’ is often associated with a certain state of mind, it is also intertwined with distinct fashion sensibilities. To achieve hipster status one must never give in to what is mainstream, if your best friend is wearing a too-tight pair of leather jeggings because everyone else is, you must resist the urge to conform and rock those suspenders like it’s the 1840s.



This subculture is made up of teenagers who refuse to smile, so instead spend their time silently rocking out to soft-core punk music, which generally consists of high-pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts. An emo can be easily identified by their limited assortment of outfits, which are simply comprised of tight wool sweaters, even tighter jeans, itchy scarfs, and ripped chucks. The look is then finished off with effortlessly greasy, unwashed hair that is required to cover at least three fifths of the face and a generous amount of guy-liner.



With a similar style to emos, goths typically enjoy the darker side of things, listen to death metal, and laugh on the odd occasion. Contrary to popular opinion, goths are not depressed nor suicidal, and although they can look threatening, do not worship satan. Goths are very individual people and would rather stay true to who they are and be ‘freaks’ than be like everyone else.



If you own a Harley Davidson or any sort of cruiser-style bike then you have most likely been labeled a bikie. This sub-culture is not to be confused with bikers, however, as those are people who ride any kind of bike, and are also known as motorcyclists, but apparently that term is generally thought of as uncool. The bikie is easily distinguishable by the excessive amount of black leather they wear, and their long hair and beards. Oh, and tattoos of course, you can’t be ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ without a bit of ink.


Haul Girl

Going out, buying lots of things and showing your friends does not make you a haul girl, but going out, buying lots of things, and posting it on the internet for the world to see does. The haul girl is a sub-culture that is beginning to appear more and more frequently nowadays, and involves teenage girls displaying all of the items they have just purchased from their bi-weekly trip to the mall. Apparently this is not regarded as a form of bragging, but is instead simply providing insight on another person’s style.


This is perhaps one of the strangest sub-cultures I have come across, a brony is a male fan of the series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They do not give into the hype that males aren’t allowed to enjoy things that are intended for females, which I suppose is fair enough, but the fact that My Little Pony is created for girls between the ages of five and eight, is pushing it a bit. The brony sub-culture is so significant that they even have conventions, songs, dances and costumes dedicated to the appreciation of the show.


Words: Rhianna Osborne