The Top 11 Sleek and Modern Furniture You Need Right Now

1. Smalto Table Knoll International

Smalto, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Knoll, is a table made of enameled steel. The balance between the curves of this table and its glossy enameled finish gives the product a refined appearance.


2. Void Guglielmo Poletti

Originated as an investigation of form in relation to the architectural notions of mass and emptiness. The collection is characterised by the extreme purity of the volumes, that has been partially deconstructed and carved out.


3. Cugino Stool Mattiazzi

An expertly constructed wooden object that is ‘not a stool’ and ‘not a low table’, but could in fact be both. Experiment with the interplay of solidity and void to find a form that is open for interpretation, not given a function from the outset.


4. Cork and Felt Kvadrat Rugs

Constructed from 65 percent felt and 35 percent cork, this rug combines two natural and renewable materials to create a floor covering with the texture of the fabric and the durability of cork.


5. Fulcrum Lamp Resident

The modern re-expression of an archetype. Its free formed silhouette and re-positionable shade allow it to take on new forms from every angle, rendering it equally at home on an antique side table.

6. Orion Light Lee Broom

Orion comprises simple modular lights with opposing opaque and solid polished gold spheres along with opaque and solid gold tubes. These connect and expand horizontally and vertically to create bespoke constellations of light with infinite adaptations.


7. O Mirror Minimalux

The O Mirror by Minimalux is a round double-sided mirror, supported by a solid brass sphere which forms a graceful base: Sleek and stunning – can be a sculptural addition to a dressing table or an ornamental object in its own right.


8. Marcel Chair Ritzwell

Utilising modern technologies to create a traditional form, this chair offers a premium level of comfort. Distinguishing features are the curved backrest, and leather upholstery on the front face of the backrest and seat.


9. Bearded Leopard Moooi Carpets

The cryptic and mysterious nature of the Bearded Leopards is incorporated within this pattern. The warm colouring at the heart of the carpet is overtaken by splashes of colour as black as the darkest night.


10. Virginia Armchair Minotti

The lines that distinguish the Virginia “Indoor” family restate the vision of the eponymous outdoor series, with clear references to the same relaxed elegance and yearning to reconnect with nature.


11. Bash Platter Tom Dixon

Beaten, banged and bashed from large sheets of annealed brass – they make great bowls, serving dishes, or contemporary sculpture. Each piece is unique and finished with a gold wash.