The Top 12 Design Pieces of June

1. Echasse Vase Menu, Theresa Arns

The Echasse Vases combine the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, light expression. Echasse takes its name from the French word for ‘stilt’. This round-bottomed vase is anchored to the table by four slender legs that resemble stilts. The vase takes inspiration from test tubes in laboratories, and like the original, a classic drop-like shape, constructed from coloured glass that gives the vase a unique expression.


2. Petite Pendant, Secto

The Secto Petite 4600 pendant is handmade out of laminated birch slats and connected by rings of aircraft plywood. They are available with either a white, black or natural finish on the outside, and all feature a natural interior.


3. Rock Candle Holder, Tom Dixon

The Rock Candleholders are part of a new series of green forest marble artefacts from designer Tom Dixon. A playful set of five stackable and reconfigurable candle holders that can be used to create sculptural pieces for your dining table. The pattern and texture of each piece is entirely unique, depending on the block of marble it was carved from, which creates an individualistic quality in every product.


4. Isabella Chair, Simon James

The Isabella is a lounge chair with a small footprint and generous seat which makes it ideal for the home or office. This chair can be upholstered in fabric or leather.


5. Multitone, Kvadrat

Multitone started life as a colour blanket, an evolution of the Duotone rug. Taking the same basic construction as the Duotone rug, Multitone is made by weaving in multiple colours for a statement rug that energises a space with its mesmerising pattern. The rug is made using a simple flat-woven basket construction. The different thicknesses of the yarns and the contrasting colours lend the rug extra surface interest. It is handwoven by skilled weavers from India using New Zealand wool.


6. Lucent Table, Case

The right-angles of the Lucent Tables create divisions inside which can be used to display objects or store books and magazines. Using a classic material such as tempered glass makes these handsome, yet delicate tables ideal for the home, or within hotels and bars.


7. Brew Stovetop, Tom Dixon

A steel-bodied stovetop espresso-maker with a stainless steel finish. Given balance and elegance by a solid base and a heat-resistant, easy-pour handle, it’s ideal for everyday baristas, Sunday-morning connoisseurs and after-dinner espresso aficionados alike.


8. Cugino Stool, Tom Dixon

An expertly constructed wooden object that is ‘not a stool’ and ‘not a low table’, but could in fact be both – Cugino will find its use over time. Konstantin Grcic, who has a history in woodwork, used the opportunity to experiment with the interplay of solidity and void to find a form that is open for interpretation, not given a function from the outset. It is not about structure, it is not about economy; it is a deliberate departure. It relies on Mattiazzi’s skill with complex joinery, construction and fine finishing.


9. Circus LED, Resident

Circus is a remarkable system of interconnected rings which can be arranged in sequence to create striking vertical decoration. Designed by Resident Studio, each brass ring projects an elegantly diffused warm LED light source outwards around a 360-degree plane.  The revolutionary plug and play system allows for power sharing between rings and a large range of variations to suit spaces of various shapes and sizes. Circus is a theatrical and truly flexible system ideal for commercial and residential environments.

10. Easy Chairs, Established & Sons

The soft, defined forms of the Easy range offer a polished but welcoming feel to a wide variety of spaces, from meeting areas to changing rooms and guest bedrooms. Cleverly designed for comfort in contract use.


11. Cassette Sofa, Established & Sons

Bringing together contrasting materials and a simple form, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created a statement sofa that offers solidity, versatility, comfort and contemporary style, with a slim steel frame and deep upholstery. The Bouroullecs are unbound by the conventional parameters of furniture design, extending out into exhibitions, installations, pavilions and small architectural projects. Each of their designs reflects an awareness of the use of space.


12. Partition Table, Simon James

The Partition Table range is an exploration in perforated steel, this offers a unique translucent appearance to the base and creates a lightweight look to a normally solid engineered component. This is offset by either a marquina marble or black stained oak top, available in three sizes including a coffee and side table.