The Ultimate K-Beauty Xmas Gift Guide

Let’s not pretend gift-giving isn’t a little competitive – it is. Christmas, of course, is the Olympics of stocking-stuffers and this year, it’s your time to shine.

No more repeat presents and no more resorting to last-minute scorched almonds from Countdown. Whether it’s a simple secret Santa gift for a coworker or a careful curation for your bestie, K-beauty is the hip, budget-friendly answer to your gifting woes. Trust us, your loved ones will adore you all the more for providing an effective antidote for the inevitable silly season spots (or at least some respite from Cadbury Celebrations).

For the Teen/Tween

This BTS-bopping Blackpink-loving demographic will definitely appreciate an item that pays homage to their favourite pop stars. For a gift that’s both cute and practical, you can’t go wrong with these BT21 sleeping masks featuring quirky characters, each dreamed up by a member of BTS. Pro tip: you’ll be forever in their good books if you do a little additional due diligence and purchase the mask that matches their favourite member. For extra brownie points, throw in some teddy bear-themed pimple patches that are so cute your gift recipient will almost be looking forward to getting a blemish just to use them! Well, almost.

For the Office BFF

You exchange knowing looks every day and she’s the first to let you know if there’s cake in the meeting room – maybe you even share memes outside office hours. Show her your appreciation with a collection of Korea’s cutest sheet masks. If she’s a beauty buff, she’ll probably have a few favourite facial masks, so throw in an element of surprise by gifting hand, feet and hair sheet masks instead. Plus, it’ll save you the effort of having to find out your co-worker’s exact skin type and triggers.

For Your Actual BFF

There are no secrets between you and your main girl, except perhaps this bestselling SU:M 37 Secret Essence. If you’re not sure what an essence is, it’s basically the key to that glorious Korean fountain of youth. Packed with nutrients, an essence is designed to hydrate and plump your skin to better absorb treatments and improve your skin health. With a high concentration of fermented ingredients, the bountiful benefits of SU;M 37’s Secret Essence are no secret in the world of K-beauty. As the queen of luxury essences, it has a cult following among Korea’s top-billed celebrities and it’ll also look great on her IG.

For Your Mother

FACT: Mums love sets – whether it’s twinsets or skincare sets, they love when things come as a family. Even better if that family is presented in a gorgeous box showcasing exquisite Korean designs, because just like your mum, this gift needs to be beautiful on the inside and out. High-end, established brands such as Sulwhasoo, Hanyul and The History of Whoo are the going favourites with the ladies of Gangnam given their popularity with mature Korean actresses, emphasis on locally sourced traditional ingredients and their exotic packaging.