'The Space Between' Polymer & acrylic on canvas 1370 x 1110mm

Timothy Jones | ‘The Space Between’


Parnell Gallery — 4-18 July

Exhibition Preview — Tuesday 4 July, 5.30pm


In Timothy Jones’s upcoming exhibition we are presented with an arresting body of new works in the artist’s contemporary abstract style. His paintings emerge from the canvas in bursts of fluid, dynamic expression, giving the viewer a sense of being witness to an elemental event.



In ‘The Ocean Refuses No River’ a range of paint application is utilised, from subtle washes which allow the medium to run and stain the canvas; to authentic layering of energetic but controlled brushstrokes towards the centre of the canvas. These might suggest waves, rocks or mountains, and stir a counterpart in our emotional landscapes. The dramatic colour palette is of dark-hued blues through to icy whites of the foreground, interspersed with warmer earth tones. The palette further reflects the artist’s affinity with the natural world and particularly the sea. Jones has a spirit of adventure in life as in art and has travelled extensively spending several years working on yachts, during which time he circumnavigated the globe.




In ‘The Space Between’ we are brought closer to the pictorial drama as the artist explores variations of dynamic colour and movement, brushstokes advancing and retreating from the picture plane. In ‘Uncharted Territory’, a circular format enhances the suggestion of an almost molecular cross section of painterly movement. Further, in ‘Genesis I’ we seem to move right inside Jones’s world of fluid movement, denoted via skilful brush marks that have been isolated at a point of optimum integrity and relationship to each other.



Through this deconstruction of his aesthetic through exploration of its different aspects, Jones appears to demonstrate the notion that all things are derived from the same source. Reflections on space, time and the ‘eternal moment’ are thus invited by these intuitive, skilfully presented abstracts.


In the studio with Timothy.


Jones’s work is held in private collections and prestigious public placements both here and abroad. We are invited to witness his continued development in this stunning collection.



This solo exhibition, The Space Between will be on show at Parnell Gallery 4–18 July 2017.


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