Top 5 things to avoid in your skincare routine

Navigating the skincare market can be tricky, even for beauty therapists. As an advanced skin therapist, one of the most common issues I see in my clients’ skin is sensitivity. Sensitivity comes in many shapes and forms, and of course is also triggered by internal factors, but what you put onto your skin is as important as what you put in, especially when trying to reduce sensitivity, which has a knock-on effect of reducing breakouts, acne, dehydration, dry patches, uneven skin tone and even premature ageing.


By avoiding these five common ingredients found in skincare ranges, from the cheap and cheerful to  high-end products, you will notice reduced redness and inflammation and your skin will thank you for it. If you have your skincare prescribed by a professional, make sure they know their stuff and can confidently assure you the products you’re looking at purchasing don’t contain any of the following:


1.Fragrance or Perfumes (even natural ones!)

Fragrance and perfumes are the number one ingredient added to skincare products that increase sensitivity and irritate the skin. And what is usually the first thing someone says when they pick up a product? “Oh, that smells gorgeous!” Ditch the pretty smells, they aint doing your skin any favours.


2. Emulsifiers

These are found in most cream products, because a cream is an emulsion of water and oil. Emulsifiers bind oil and water, thereby reducing and removing your skin’s own oils when you wash your face. Hello dry, flaky skin. Ditch the emulsifiers ASAP, girl!


3. Mineral Oils

Mineral oils are often found in your moisturiser, as they are a relatively cheap filler oil. But mineral oil has an occlusive effect, meaning it traps everything under a film. Sounds like potentially a good thing, yeah? Not if you’re already suffering from redness and excess heat. There is a fire raging under your skin and it is being kept burning eternally by occlusive substances.


4 & 5. Preservatives and Amines

Both of these guys are stressors to the skin which cause irritation. They are also both classed as carcinogens and have a long list of toxic health effects.

Romy works with clients every day in her Herne Bay Skin Studio, where she helps them reach their goals of healthy, balanced skin through topical corneotherapeutic skincare combined with nutrition and wellness plans. Romy is passionate about creating healthy skin from the inside out and the outside in, using natural skincare and plant-based dietary changes.

Words: Romy Burgess

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