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Top 8 tips to keep your home secure while you’re out enjoying the summer holidays!

With summer approaching and holiday plans in focus, so too is the increased threat of theft and crime. Here’s a few key tips on keeping your home and family secure as we head into the warmer months:



Key observations

Ensuring your home or business is as secure as possible is the first step towards crime prevention. A careful inspection of your residence by a trained professional is a good starting point. They can observe security precautions and indicate features which would make entry easy — or difficult —for a prospective burglar.




Keep it locked

Get into the habit of locking your doors and windows, even when you’re in the home. It may sound simple, but numerous break-ins are due to unforced entry into the home, via an unlocked door or window or opportunist theft. Installing window locks to prevent burglars from simply opening the latch or sliding a window open is a good option. Also, take the time to inspect every room in your house and identify weak spots of entry and secure where needed.


Write it down

Record the serial numbers of your possessions and keep the records in a safe place. Also, consider keeping valuables in a safe or at the bank. The New Zealand Police have partnered with Datacom to create a website – – where you can save an asset list. This makes stolen items easier to identify so they can be returned and the thief prosecuted.



Family education

The whole family should be in on safety measures to prevent your home being vulnerable for attack. Sit down with children and discuss the importance of locking bedroom windows at dusk, and keep downstairs or back doors locked when not in use. If your children let themselves in through a garage door after school, teach them the importance of closing and locking the garage, and internal doors after entering.


Cars, gates and spares

Whether you’re away for a week, a day or an hour, keep your 2car and garage locked at all times and keep your spare keys in a safe place. Burglars know all the usual places – so don’t make it easy for them. Remember to lock your side gates too as these provide easy access to the back of your house, allowing burglars to operate – out of sight. Keep ladders stored securely, away from access to the roof or second story window, and never leave ladders or tools in an unlocked shed.



Stay visible

Make your place hard to hide around by pruning trees and shrubs away from doors, windows and driveways. Install motion-censored lighting to cover the front, rear, and sides of the house.



Affordable Safety Solutions

A break-in, even when you’re not there, has a long-term impact on you and your family’s sense of safety and well-being. Security measures protect that feeling of safety as well as valuable and unique assets. Studies have shown burglars are far less likely to enter a home with an alarm system; the price of which can be less than a new computer.



Holiday Hot List

There are lots of added risks when you’re away from home on holiday, or for work travel. Burglars are smart and can quickly identify unoccupied houses making them a prime target for an easy win. Matrix Security has a unique pay per day holiday security service which includes mail collection, so there are fewer signs your home is empty.


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