Top Plants for Christmas

The year has once again flown by, and we’re now moments away from Santa once again breaking into our homes heavily ladened with presents. An exercise that is no way costly or time consuming for any adults involved.


But before he, or indeed anyone else comes, it’s nice to get things looking nice and festive. And what better way to do this than by decorating your home with some plants that’ll help spread the Christmas spirit?


Poinsettia: Now named after the first US ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsettia, these showy, beautiful Mexican plants are now completely associated with Christmas. But be careful, for while they look stunning they can be a little fragile and will quickly burn in sunlight. For best results water them regularly, and keep them out of direct sunlight.


Tahitian Pohutukawa:
While the Tahitian pohutukawa isn’t a true NZ native, it has one main advantage over native pohutukawas in an urban setting as it only grows around 1 x 1m instead of the usual 6m. Can be grown in a pot.


Bleeding Heart Vine:
Subtropical vine that can be grown as an incredibly delightful houseplant. With their dark green leaves and white and red coloured flowers they are the perfect colour for Christmas. Best grown in bright indirect light.


With their huge winter flowers, amaryllis (or hippeastrum) look completely stunning. Find a cool spot, with no direct sunlight and your plants will look great right through the holidays.


Christmas Lily:
With their tall graceful stems and their angelic, sweetly perfumed flowers, they’re an eye-catching and delightful way to decorate indoors for Christmas.


Opuntia Vestita:
This eye-catching cactus is covered in fine white hairs, making it look covered in snow. Hardy and easy to grow, it can be planted in a pot and brought back inside for future Christmases.


Words: Billy Aiken


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