Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty is a fascinating new television series following international supermodel Rachel Hunter embarking on a global odyssey to meet remarkable individuals from all walks of life who believe they hold the key to superior well-being and age defying looks. Verve caught up with Rachel for a quick interview!


When you were approached to be the front person for this show, I am guessing your reaction was one of complete excitement? We would love to hear more about how you felt and what you were thinking.


Tour of Beauty came at a time in my life when a lot was changing. My kids had left home and I had come down to New Zealand to shoot New Zealand’s Got Talent, where I worked with executive producer Bettina from Imagination TV. During filming, Bettina and I started to have conversations about what would later become Tour of Beauty.


Around the same time Bettina and I began talking, I got a huge map out in my room at the hotel and started to pinpoint where I had been in the world. I quickly realised I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience all of the cultures I wanted to know more about.


Rachel on a boat on the river Ganges. Varanasi, India. (ep7)

” To be talked to and looked at as something much deeper than

what is reflected back in the mirror is important.”

– Rachel Hunter –



I thought that I’d travelled quite a lot, even to some remote places, including the Virunga Mountains where I went to see the mountain gorillas (thanks to the Born Free Foundation), and of course many remote locations around the world for work. I always loved looking into the culture of the places I visited, but wished I could look deeper. Thanks to Tour of Beauty I now have the chance.


Beauty indeed appears to be far more than just a pretty face! I wonder why many (Westerners) think that if a woman has a pretty face — she is beautiful? We feel that it’s quite a shallow perception: can you tell us how during your journey, you confronted this assumption, and the kinds of questions you found yourself asking?Rachel looks out from the Great Wall of China. (ep 6)


I have to be honest, I’ve never felt true beauty to be just aesthetic. The idea of beauty is so huge and multi-faceted. To be talked to and looked at as something much deeper than what is reflected back in the mirror is important. I always want to look deeper and find out how other cultures around the world see beauty.


Where did eyeliner come from? How do views on plastic surgery differ? What are the superfoods that are good for us? Is life-longevity genetic or down to what we eat? Then of course there’s our mental well-being. How do we heal emotionally from things that happen in life? Yes we can always put on mascara and lip-gloss, but nobody can hide the soul in their eyes! So how do we work on inner beauty? …the list goes on. There are many questions, but the answers are very individual and I love that!


I would say every country taught me something different, a life lesson (or many in some cases). Tour of Beauty has helped me to see beauty as an individual, personal, spiritual and physical thing.

Rachel practises Kung Fu with a master. Beijing, China. (ep 6)

It was wonderful to see in Paris (Episode 1), that men are also taking better care of themselves and that there are salons for ‘just men’. Not a woman in sight! Do you think this is becoming a world phenomenon?


I do not know if it is a world phenomenon, but it has been this way in Paris for some time.


There was a beautiful moment in the first episode when you were interviewing the stunning 72-year-old model from Paris. As a woman nearing that age, she gave me a sense of such pure delight and a feeling that age needs to be totally embraced. How did you feel about this wonderful woman?


To meet an elegant, spiritual, beautiful woman who is an incredible example of self-acceptance, and who is living life to the fullest, exploring the world and asking questions no matter what her age, had a huge influence on me.


Rachel holds some locally grown chillis in Kerala, India. (ep 7).



Rachel, your Tour of Beauty has just started airing in New Zealand. I believe you have just finished shooting the series, so I wonder if you would briefly tell our readers what you learnt and how you have grown through the experience?


To never be ignorant. To appreciate all forms of connecting my mind, body and soul, and to be open to experience and all situations without judgement.

My appetite for the world has become insatiable. I love these incredible people I get to meet, they’re true superstars!


During the series my fridge quickly showed itself to be a bad friend. I began questioning where my produce came from. I threw everything away and started again from scratch. To be honest, meat is in my diet less as I grow older. It will more than likely be non-existent soon. But that’s my body. What I have realised is that everyone should choose what is good for them.



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