Travel Apps


For the disorganised traveller: Tripit

Have you ever felt like hiding your travel agent in your carry-on luggage so you don’t have to worry about any of the complicated paperwork that comes with a large journey? Now you don’t need to, as Tripit contains all of your travel information in one space on your phone, including flight and accommodation bookings, event information and much more. Travelling has never been easier!



For language barriers: Bravolol

Are you going to a country that speaks a foreign language? Look savvy and respectful to the locals by using the Bravolol app, allowing you to download handbooks in more than 13 languages. With thousands of basic phrases, which can be said out-loud to aid your pronunciation, you will feel much more confident in what could be very challenging situations.



For stress-free city travelling: Citymapper

This app is like Google Maps on steroids; it has mapping and route information on 30 cities worldwide, which is much more accurate and comprehensive than information you will find on any general mapping app. With journey planners, departure times and disruption alerts, you won’t have to worry about getting from A to B, allowing you to enjoy your travelling with ease.



For those who travel together: Splittr

If you are travelling with friends and want to keep payments straightforward, Splittr is your saviour. Just enter expenses as they come, and the app will keep track of who owes what. All currencies are integrated, meaning you don’t have to do any tricky conversions. Hassle-free, argument-free travelling with any number of people.



For a unique adventure: Strayboots

This app makes every holiday an adventure, by creating scavenger hunts for you to complete in major US cities. It acts as a walking tour guide, taking you to incredible places you might never have thought of visiting. The tours are self-guided, so you can complete them when you want and at your own speed.



For the indecisive packer: PackPoint

We all know how hard it is to pack for a holiday. Will it be too little? Too much? Not enough sunhats? Not enough jerseys? PackPoint is the solution, as it suggests everything you need to take based on your destination, length of stay, weather, and activities planned. Every suitcase you pack will be perfect from now on!



For sticky airport situations: AirHelp

We all know that sinking feeling when the little red ‘Cancelled’ comes up on the airport scheduled flights board. AirHelp is here to make that feeling a little less distressing, as they help you get your money back from cancelled or delayed flights. Simply send them your flight details, then relax as they do the rest.



For beloved pets: BringFido

The Bringfido app allows you to see all the pet-friendly hotels, as well as the best spots for pet entertainment such as dog beaches, outdoor restaurants and more in more than 10,000 cities. Bringing your furry friend on holiday with you will never be a hassle again.



Words: Harriet Keown