Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Common Problem Nobody Wants To Talk About

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is an esteem-stealing problem for many women. By the age of 50, around 40% of women are experiencing hair thinning. It gets worse as you get older.


Women who suffer from FPHL find doing their hair an everyday challenge. Styling is decided by where the hair loss is and sometimes an unflattering ‘comb over’ is the only way to disguise obviously sparse areas. Nothing steals confidence quite like thinning hair.



It’s different to male baldness

While men lose hair around their frontal hairline or in a patch or two on top of the head, female pattern hair loss is diffuse. There’s still hair to be seen, but more scalp is visible than before. Usually FPHL is seen on the top of the head, often appearing as a parting that gets wider and wider.



A new approach to treatment

There are many hair treatment products on the market that claim to help FPHL, however they generally only strengthen the remaining hair. While some may promise regrowth, it rarely happens. There are also oral medications for FPHL, but they have limited success and can come with nasty side effects.


But now there’s a new and instant solution for female hair thinning. At Sapphire Appearance Clinic on College Hill, Dr Garsing Wong has introduced a different approach to FPHL that provides immediate results — multiple implantation of biocompatible artificial hairs. It’s called Hairstetics™ and was recently approved for use in New Zealand. The system was developed in Israel by medical engineer Dvir Keren.


“Hair implants for female pattern hair loss have been around for a while, but they were done one hair at a time, a process that’s time consuming and very expensive. The revolutionary thing about Hairstetics is that many hairs are implanted at once, and the unique anchoring system ensures an instant, secure result,” says Garsing.



Transforms appearances and lives

Assisted by his wife Margaret, who’s also a qualified Hairstetics practitioner, New Zealand-born Garsing has already transformed the lives of several women with FPHL. What’s more, the clinic has also helped several men with diffuse baldness.


“We’ve had great success with the Hairstetics procedures carried out so far. It’s wonderful for our clients to see such an instant transformation. They also find caring for their new hair easy — it feels and looks like real hair. Hair loss isn’t just a physical problem, it’s a psychological issue. The confidence that comes back after Hairstetics implantations is life changing.”



Introducing Dr Garsing Wong

Dr Garsing Wong is a registered medical practitioner in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. He graduated from the University of Auckland with a bachelor of medicine and surgery in 1991. He is also a Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care, Member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society and registered with New Zealand Medical Council and the General Medical Council, United Kingdom.



About Hairstetics hair implants

Takes less than 30 minutes to implant 1000 hairs

Implants multiple hairs at once

Hairs are instantly anchored by a patented system

Available in a range of hair colours

For a more natural look, a blend of colours can be used

There are wavy implants for people with curly hair



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