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Unconventional Home | Modular Living

Architecture, style and function are all important key elements in any home, as well as embracing where we live and what the home can provide to suit all of these needs, as well as being our retreat and safe haven.


Unconventional living provides us with cost efficient alternatives, whether building from new or using recycled materials, or sourcing structures that would not normally fit into the norm.


Converted garages, warehouses, silo bins, churches, stables, barns, shops all provide ideal and interesting conversions to allow us to incorporate everyday living with a twist of intrigue by working around the unique structures and materials already present and making them a feature of our home. But starting from new is a little different, and what we can achieve, is quite remarkable.


Modular homes, such as shipping containers, provide a cost efficient and great alternative to building with traditional materials. Making the home as large, or as small as you wish whilst creating your own design in single level dwelling or multiple levels.  Not without mentioning, you are helping the environment by reusing these containers.


Shipping container homes are strong, they are designed to carry heavy loads and able to be stacked, making them perfect for multiple level homes.  They come in 20- or 40-foot sizes in rectangular shape, making them easy to work with into modular and inter-lockable designs. Whether you are after a holiday home, a home for a growing family where you can add rooms at your leisure, or after something to suit your budget and land size, this is a great option to consider.  The labour required is welding and cutting to get the containers looking like a home, with windows and doors; but these skills are generally less expensive as conventional construction work. The containers are easily sourced and this makes them a great option for a sturdy, long-lasting and affordable home.


Words: Donna Malneek
Photography:  Kozo Yamamoto