Valentine’s Day around Auckland

Love it or hate it – you can’t escape Valentine’s day. Irrespective of if you’ve just gotten together or have been together for years, celebrating your love in February is on everyone’s mind! Planning the perfect date can be fun and stressful at the same time. I would say the idea of a “perfect date” is glorified and cliché, but heck, we’ll still indulge in the idea, right? So, if you’re still stuck on what to do on the big day, here are some ideas:

  • Whisk your love away

Picture this – you’re celebrating the most romantic night of the year with your other half; and 20 other couples in the midst of a noisy restaurant. Not very romantic, eh? Yeah, we didn’t think so either and neither did Heletranz, which is why they came up with the most perfect Valentines idea. They have 3 wondrous destinations, not so far from home, where you can whisk your beloved to and just unwind and relax.

  • Celebrate the day with guns and roses (no, not the band).

Think Valentine’s day is too mushy and overrated? But still, want to do something with your better half on the day? Here’s an idea – Grab your partner and head to Megazone for a fun game of laser tag! Hey, no judgement here if you enjoy this date a little too much.


  • Eat sweets to your heart’s content

What’s Valentine’s day without a little sweet? But if you are someone who lives, breathes and of course, eats sweets then you might want to pay a visit to Buko’s. Some oysters and champagne followed with a 4-course dessert menu. The only downside to this? You will have to hold off on the celebrations as the event is on 16th February. But hey, it doesn’t really matter as long as you are celebrating your love.



  • Singles evening out!

No big plans this Valentine’s day? Worry not, this one plus one event hosted by Good Equation has you covered. Gather your squad or come by yourself at Raynham Park. Eat, drink and mingle with other singles and even win some sweet prizes!


  • What love looks like from the 53rd floor

Nothing says love like a 7-course tasting menu by none other than Peter Gordon, a glass of wine and a view of the entire city. The Sugar Club on the 53rd floor of the Sky Tower is playing cupid for all the lovers in the city. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not. You can reserve a table right here.


  • Learn a little about the history

Wine and dine is a little passé. How about taking a dive into the history of Auckland with your lover at the Auckland Museum? They have built an interactive secret world of butterflies which you can have a look at. This is will be surprisingly different from your usual Netflix and takeout rut.


  • Do something embarrassing

Is your partner a secret bathroom singer? Well, it’s time for the cat to be out of the bag. Make a stop at one of the best Karaoke places in Auckland, Luxury Karaoke and sing your favourites out loud. Even if you are no good at it, I’m sure you can have a good laugh about it later.


  • Enjoy a movie night with your bae

Listen to me people, a movie on the big screen, caramel popcorn to munch on and your bae by your side is the best date idea you’ll ever need. THE BEST. Want to make it more romantic? Take your lover to Nixon Park, Kingsland to watch La La Land this Valentine’s and just be yourself and enjoy.