Ten Minutes with Sheridan Harbridge

What do people think you do?   

Wake up at midday in a leopard-print nightgown, and sip Mimosas while writing witty quips on social media.


What do you actually do?   

Work my tits off at all hours writing, acting, teaching, learning, and then wake up at midday in a leopard-print nightgown, and sip Mimosas while writing witty quips on social media.


What has been your career highlight so far?

This us a tough one…winning Best Musical and Best Actress at the New York Music Theatre Festival was a goody. But actually, we held a Masquerade Ball Nightclub version of the show as a fundraiser before we left, and it was one of the greatest nights of my life. We’d worked so hard to get there, raise the money, stage the show, and the energy and love in the room was magical. Just magic – people were there because they believed in a work of art and the importance of it being seen by more people – and towards the end of the show, I felt the lurve so much, I dived into the crowd and surfed the whole venue, even the security guards joined in. That was everything.


What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Sleep 8 hours once, just once. Make a web series. Why not? All the kids are doing it. Stop picking my blackheads.


What is your philosophy for life?   

My philosophy is in fact from Songs for the Fallen, Marie’s last piece of advice for her audience – ‘Life is bloody, and it stinks, but there is always champagne.’ I’m not sure if it would make a good tattoo. It’s the carpe diem for the cabaret set.


What makes you laugh?   

There’s a very important website, called Animals Being Dicks. You’re welcome.




What do you like to do in your leisure time?   

Watch Stephen Colbert. He’s a genius. I’m also one of those people who make sweeping life statements like ‘Next week I will be vegetarian and do the 5:2.’ And spend all of my weekend planning said life change, then come Monday, I’m too busy.


Who are your heroes?

Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Report taught me everything I know, along with the king ping of all awkward comedy, Steve Coogan. Ricky Gervais, Julia Louis Dreyfus, all keep me ambitious, Alan Cummings, he crosses every genre, every possibility of a performer-writer.


If money was no object, what would you do?

Make that web series I was talking about…. it’s gonna be good I promise.


What advice would you give to aspiring performers?

Work out what that thing is that will give you self-respect, and just do it. Wanna write that pilot? That series? You really just have to do it. I’d been talking about being a theater maker for 7 years, but got wonderfully distracted by the life of just being an actor – which was busy and hard enough. But there was a weight on my shoulders, every New Years would come by and I would watch the fireworks thinking ‘What did I do this year?’ It’s a pretty dark self-loathing that can descend on an artist. When I finally wrote the show I’d been piecing together in my mind, which was the hardest year of my life, not easy at all, writing is like pulling teeth, and it launched, and with an incredible amount of hard work and dedication from a lot of people, it’s has worked, that burden lifted from my shoulders. I had self-worth, I was proud, and I had set a standard that I couldn’t drop below. I know I can pull off anything I set my mind to, and people around me believe I can. I’ve been liberated from doubt and I haven’t looked back.



SHERIDAN HARBRIDGE brings her show SONGS FOR THE FALLEN to the Auckland Live International Cabaret Season 28 September – 2 October at the Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall.

For more information visit http://aucklandlive.co.nz