Verve’s Treat of the Month | THE ENZYME SPA

Unwind and detox at Ioki Spa. Tucked away down a busy side street, you will find one of Takapuna’s newest additions, Ikoi Spa. Behind the beautiful front entrance lies a world that is calm, peaceful and serene, a place where one can slow down, allow tensions to float away, and enjoy being spoilt in every which way.


Ikoi Spa offers a comprehensive menu of day spa treatments, but what makes it one of a kind is its signature service, the Enzyme Spa. Ikoi Spa is the first and only spa in New Zealand to offer this truly unique experience.


The Enzyme Spa is an ancient deeply heating and detoxing ritual. Hard to imagine a treatment where one is placed in a ‘bath’ then gently covered with a blend of rice bran, pinewood sawdust and a combination of special enzymes (carefully sourced from organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds grown in Hokkaido, Japan).


The enzymes cause a fermentation process* that produces heat naturally, resulting in a dry warming spa that invigorates and softens the skin, calms the mind, releases tension, and has the most amazing detoxifying properties.


It is an unforgettable treatment (two can share the experience at the same time), and best rounded off with a fabulous Ikoi Spa Shiatsu massage.


The atmosphere and staff at Ikoi Spa also deserve a mention, both living up to highest expectations in every way.


*A bit like the compost in your garden.


Ikoi Spa
1 Huron St, Takapuna, Auckland
09 489 1818 | info@ikoispa.co.nz