Vetcare’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pets (And You)

At the beginning of each year we reflect on what we achieved from the previous year and what to conquer next. Common goals us humans strive for include getting fit, saving more money, travelling more, and so on. But for 2020, why not make it about your pet?

Teach an old dog (or cat) a new trick

Mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in ageing animals so for any pet older than eight years, you could make it your goal to teach them a new trick — come in to get a puzzle feeder, or maybe go on a different walking route.


Make a date with your vet

We believe in preventative healthcare through annual examinations. Medical conditions are much easier to treat if detected early — just like us humans! It also gives you the chance to ask all those wonderful pet-related questions that have been on your mind.


Start off easy — update your pet’s information  

A lot can change over the course of a year; people move, new phone numbers. Update your pet’s tag and microchip information by calling the animal registry.


Not a pet owner yet? Consider fostering! 

Shelters and rescues need safe and loving temporary living arrangements for the many pets needing forever homes. Test the waters to see what it’s like to be a pet parent, without the lifelong commitment.


PRACTISE oral hygiene 

Brush your pet’s teeth at least three times a week to keep dental disease at bay and your pocket fuller. We have a wide range of dental kits, water additives and tricks if you need help.


Start regular grooming 

Your pet and your furniture will thank you for it. Brushing daily will remove excess fur and distribute natural oils from the skin to the fur.


Feed them a healthier diet 

Stop the habit of grabbing the convenient supermarket food and check if your pet is getting their optimal nutritional levels from their food to ensure their bodies develop healthily and strong. You are what you eat after all!


Is your cat a snob? Try bonding over playtime!

Toys and games can trigger their inner wild side leaving them happier, healthier and your bond stronger. Experiment with lasers, catnip toys, balls, cat towers, cardboard boxes and more!


Try something new

You could come along to VetCare’s Dog & Grog event, loosen up in dog yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, or create a dog club.


Make treating treasured

It is easy to get carried away with giving your pets treats! Try make treating a special exercise by limiting it as a reward for good behaviour. We have loads of healthy options, and some will even clean your pet’s teeth!