Walker & Hall Bracelet

To celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children, iconic New Zealand jewellery house, Walker & Hall, invited team members to bring their children or their mum to a beautiful Mother’s Day photoshoot. Each Mum was asked to select a piece of jewellery they’d be proud to hand down for generations to come.

To celebrate the launch we have a Walker & Hall Bolo bracelet in sterling silver to giveaway with complimentary engraving. Originally $185 now $159 for a limited time.

To be in to win, let us know in the comments below a special memory that you and your mother share.


Competition now closed. Congratulations to our winner Cecilia Winspear.

  1. a beautiful memory i share of my mum is when i was 8 years old. i had been a only child up to that point – when my mother and i sat on her bed and cried before she was taken to hospital to have a baby (my sibling). our very special bond was about to change. thank goodness he was a boy !!! just typing this has tears running down my face ….

  2. My favourite memory x 2 would be when Mum came up to Auckland after the birth of each of my children – it was unbelievable not only having her support but also having her there for those incredibly precious first days to start that special bond between grandchild & grandparent.

  3. I was due for a unplanned C-section and my Mum at the time was in Shanghai, China – she came home early from holidays at great expense just to be with me…I’ll never forget that…(left my Dad there!)

  4. My mum and I have always liked to spend us time shopping like I’m sure many others do! This included when I was younger even when we did not have much money. I remember going into a side shop a second hand store with suitcases full of deals. We had a lot of fun tossing through the items and gathering our finds, we were laughing and ignoring anyone else in the store.

  5. That’s when my mum and I went to Rainbow’s End, Auckland. We loved going on the fun rides together there very much and had an amazing day. We had a really fun and enjoyable time together there.

  6. It was when Mum and my sister went on an unforgettable vacation to Italy and we had so much fun laughing, joking, enjoying art and nature and quality time spent together ☺❤👭💕☺

  7. My mum and I went on a trip to Europe together and had the most amazing time. I’ll never forget going up the Eiffel tower with her.

  8. A beautiful memory I have of sharing with my mother is painting with our fingers because as an artist she had run out of paint brushes and I was around 7 years of age. This was amazing. I am not sure I painted so much as got my hands dirty and enjoyed it.

  9. When I was a teenager and just cried for no reason … a lot…. I remember my mum just sitting with me not saying a word, she just sat by my bedside for about an hour until I fell asleep. I’m sure she had a hundred things to do…..It was a weird feeling but one I have never forgotten and it meant a lot to m. I have put this into practice a few times with my own daughter. Precious time spent well. Thanks Mum. xx

  10. Memories of decorating the Xmas tree. With Elvis singing in the background (tapes time folks!), cookies in the oven, Father strangled in the light cable, laughter, joy and snow outside.❤

  11. Moments before she passed away she asked, “Why were you always so good to me?” Floored me given the treatment I had endured over the years as her scapegoat child.

  12. I remember my Mum taking me camping in the Coromandel when I was a teenager. She had just split up from my Dad so we had to drive up by ourselves along those windy roads and then we had to laugh as we spent the whole afternoon trying to remember how to put up the tent.

  13. My most fondest memory of my mum is when I was unwell she would massage my shoulders and head, after falling asleep waking up feeling so much better, seeing her smiling face and healing gentle hands. This is my mum xxoo:)

  14. My Mum took me to Sydney for a girls weekend after a particularly bad breakup with an ex, and we shopped and gossiped until we dropped 🙂

  15. I remember my mother showing me how to make Daisy chains on the grass in the backyard when I was a kid. I liked the times she paused to show me little things like that.

  16. Mom had to have a heart valve replacement when I was living in Vancouver, BC and was there for quite awhile – I enjoyed visiting her in hospital – having that one on one time – Afterwards she came to stay with me in my apartment until she was given the all clear to go home by her specialist. It was nice to look after her and give her some love back.

  17. So many happy memories with Mum! The best is that first hug at the airport after a long haul flight and a year long OE in which patchy internet access meant I had not seen her or heard her voice for months. I cried like a baby, but they were definitely happy tears.

  18. My Mum and I were both travelling separately in Britain during April – we met up together in Kent and had a lovely walk through bluebell woods in the Springtime. I have a lovely photo of my Mum among the bluebells.

  19. My lovely Irish mammy is dead over 11 years now but the one memory I hold dear is when she would brush my hair in front of the fire to dry it then braid it so tight. But it was all for a good cause as I would wake up with love wavy hair in the morning. Good old days. Miss her dearly but her and my Dad, who just died in September, I know are looking down on me and are my guardian angels.

  20. When I was 5 or younger, I had a fight with my mom. She said everything I have are belong to her. So I took off all my clothes and locked myself in the room and waited for my dad:)what a story

  21. My entire life has been s fantastic memory because my mums always been there, been a friend and I wouldn’t change a thing

  22. My wedding day was so special to share with not only my mum but also my mother in law too who at the time was battling breast cancer sadly she passed away one year later we cherish those memories we have of her at our wedding

  23. As a Mum to my beautiful girl, all I can say it’s not the obvious moments that mean the most; it’s the times when I lie on her bed and we chat about how she is and where she’s at. Nothing is stronger than a Mother/Daughter bond, and to have this time is both a privilege and a cherished moment in time I will always be grateful for 💕 Love you my baby girl #seventeen #soblessed

  24. A special memory between my mum and I is when we were on a family holiday to Vancouver. When we arrived we
    decided to go to a riverview resturant for dinner that night. When the waitress came over, she explained the menu specials, which included a sushi roll with avocado. When she said that they are serving sushi, my mum suddenly said “is that spare ribs”. I just couldn’t stop laughing that my mum just asked the waitress that if the sushi rolls were spare ribs. In my mum’s defence it was late at night and we were all tired. And unforgetable night!

  25. Traveling aboard as a kid with my mum! Feeling of excitement of traveling and safe feeling because you mum is there 🙂

  26. When my mum arrived from NZ to where we were living in London to meet our son (her first grandchild) for the very first time! 🙂

  27. My Mum made nearly all of our clothes and I remember her measuring my sister and I up for our new outfits – we were always so excited to be getting something new 😉

  28. My favourite memory with my mum is when right before I moved to New Zealand she surprised me in the town I was living in back home in Canada. I had absolutely no idea and it was such a blissful moment, that was the last time I saw her after a year and a half apart. Not living in my home country means that every moment I share with my mother is a memorable one <3

  29. One memory I remember is about 27 years ago my Mum came over to visit and we were snacking on oranges, we ended up cutting the peel into teeth and putting them in our mouths and laughing so hard we cried! Sounds silly but it’s a memory I will never forget <3 🙂

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